Chapter 22 - Business bullshit & unplanned travel

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"Norah!" Jace whined, letting his head fall back dramatically. "He'll probably make us go to one of those really fancy restaurants and I won't even know which fork to use!"

"But he wants you to like him! Please do this for me? He's actually trying," I pouted, poking out my lower lip in a way that I hoped was at least semi-adorable.

Jace scowled at me. "You need to work on your pouty face. Less in the lips, more in the eyes."

"Thanks for that, really. Now don't change the subject."

"Whatever," He grumbled. "I'll go to dinner with you guys and be the awkward third wheel. On one condition."

"This should be good," I replied dryly.

"We have to eat dinner at our house, like a home cooked meal. So Styles can't pull all that business bullshit that he's really good at."

I raised my eyebrows at Jace in contemplation. "Fair enough. I'll call him."

He watched me in amusement as I spun around in his spinny office chair that I was so fond of. The phone rang repeatedly as I hoped that he wouldn't pick up, and therefore I wouldn't have to deal with the awkward talking on the phone situation. My stomach dropped as his deep voice sounded through the phone.

"Styles!" He snapped. I flinched and glanced over at Jace before talking.

"Uh, hey. It's me," I stated. There was a pause. "Norah."

"Norah," He replied quietly. "What's going on? Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm good. I just have a liiitle thing to say about dinner tonight. Unless you're busy, or whatever."

"If you are trying to cancel, then go ahead and hang up the phone. It will not work."

I giggled softly into the phone, only a little set off by his threat. Of course he would assume the worst. "No, I wouldn't dare cancel on the big-shot CEO. Just, I was wondering if we could have dinner at our apartment? Jace and I will cook. It'll be relaxing."

"Sure, babe." My heart fluttered at the term of endearment. "That will be fine. Still seven?"


"I will see you then- Haven't you heard of knocking?! Who the fuck hired you? Just leave it on my desk and get out of my sight- No don't fucking apologise, get out!" He shouted suddenly. There was a deep groan and I pictured him pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration. "Norah?"

"I feel insanely sorry for whoever that was. They had to face the wrath of Harry Styles."

"They deserved it. I will see you tonight," He sighed. The line went dead with a click, and Jace looked to me for confirmation. I gave him a thumbs up and we ended our short lunch break, diving back into creating our articles for the promotion assignment.

*         *         *         *

Jace stood over the stove, whisking away in his usual pink chefs apron and occasionally sipping wine as I sat at the kitchen bar and attempted to chop up some vegetables. I was a hopeless chef and the only thing that kept me from living off ramen noodles was my roommates delectable cooking.

"You know," I mused, almost chopping off the tip of my finger with a knife. "Harry can actually cook really well too."

"Of course that perfect bastard can," Jace huffed.

"Seriously though. Are these chopped small enough?"

His eyes flittered away from the stove where noodles were currently boiling for the lasagna. "Good enough. Will you mix those in with the red sauce? Then you can go get ready."

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