19: Ascension.

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The pain I felt in my neck subsided and gave way to a sense of calm

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The pain I felt in my neck subsided and gave way to a sense of calm. I opened my eyes to find the throne room empty. The light was different, somewhat brighter and hazy. The atmosphere was surreal, a different reality, Polis from the past.
I stood from the throne and looked around. From the corner of my eye I saw the figure of a woman standing on the balcony and cautiously approached her. She turned to face me with a smile, "Welcome, Commander."
I knew instinctively who she was, this was Becca Pramheda, the first Commander. "Where am I?" I asked. "Your are inside your own construct. Your mind is connecting with The Flame, becoming a part of the collective consciousness of The Commanders," she answered.
I felt fearful of what was happening to me, I could hear many voices whispering, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced.
Becca saw my confusion, "Its ok, Thayer. It may feel a little disorientating, don't fight it, just allow it to merge with your mind."
I breathed deeply, calming myself, focusing on the voices. Turning to Becca, I saw concern in her eyes, "I'm sorry that you're about to lead our people through the darkest of times. I know what's to come, what you face." I sighed at the truth she spoke, "Then you already know we can't fight this. I am to become Heda of a doomed generation."
Becca shook her head in response to my words, "There may be no way I know of fighting this, but you can survive, just as those survived when the bombs fell all those years ago. Seek sanctuary underneath Polis. There you will find what you need, you will find hope."
Becca smiled, her revelation offering us the chance to thrive. I nodded back in gratitude as she turned and walked away. Standing on that balcony, looking out into the hazy distance, I listened as the whispered voices suddenly merged into one. It was a voice I recognised, a voice of someone I cared deeply about and missed with all of my heart. I smiled knowing she was with me.


Her voice was soft, so full of compassion

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Her voice was soft, so full of compassion. She always held such grace. "Sister," she whispered.
I could feel her presence next to me. Sorrow and joy overwhelmed me as I turned to look her in those vibrant green eyes we shared, "Lexa?" I questioned what my eyes were seeing.
"It's good to see you, Thayer," she smiled as I pulled her into my arms. "You survived The City of Light!" I gasped in relief.
Lexa returned my embrace, "I don't bow out so easily in battle, you know that."
I released my hold and looked at her once again, still in disbelief. I missed my sister, despite the time we had lost, she was always in my head and my heart. Lexas face grew serious as she spoke, "You have tough times ahead, Thayer. Follow Beccas words. The key to our ancestors sanctuary lies with her second journal. Only The Commanders know of it and keep its secrets. Go to the Flamekeepers temple and look behind the words 'seek higher things.' Protect our people."
Lexa and Becca may very well have saved us all. She continued on, "Learn to meditate your mind, you will have our guidance. The Commanders are one, you are now a part of that legacy."
I nodded knowing that The Flame had almost finished merging with my mind, I would soon return to a different state of consciousness. Lexa felt it also, "It's almost time, sister. I need you to do one thing for me," she asked. "Name it," I replied. "Allow Clarke to help you. She was born to be great leader, she will bring a balance to that fire you carry."
Lexa spoke of Clarke with such respect. I needed her to know she still yearned for her, "Her heart is broken, Lexa. She misses you."
Lexa looked tearful, "I love her with all of my soul, I always will. But fate has set different paths for us beyond my control. I once told her the next Commander would protect her. Promise me you will."
I nodded back, "You have my word."
Lexa smiled as she kissed me on the cheek, "Lead well, Thayer. I'm honoured my spirit chose you."

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