Chapter 14: In Another Life.

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We remained in Polis under guard. This clash of warriors was  set for the following day in order to give Roan and Thayer time to prepare. I'd urged The King to allow me to see my people but he'd refused.
It felt strange being back Polis, so many memories of my time here with Lexa. I felt lost in the solitude of my room and  asked my guard to escort me to see Thayer to discuss preparations for the aftermath of her fight with Roan. As I entered the room, she was looking out of the window at the nights sky. "It's late, Wanheda. You should be sleeping," she spoke as she continued to look out of the window.
I moved to stand beside her, "I'm not the one who faces death tomorrow." Thayer merely smiled, "I have an understanding with death. She won't take me until I'm ready," she turned to look at me, "and I'm not ready, not yet."
Thayer saw that I was fearful of what was to come, the possibility she may loose her life and the repercussions of that for all of us. She did her best to ease my mind, "Azgeda will never get The Flame and your people will be freed no matter what happens. This I vow."
She looked at me with such intensity, such power and volition behind her words. I was fighting an inner battle that night. Maybe because in that moment she remained me so much of Lexa, I began to allow my emotions to rule my head.

We held each others gaze for what seemed like an eternity

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We held each others gaze for what seemed like an eternity. I followed the contours of her face and watched as the candle light cast shadows upon it. She was so beautiful I couldn't help but fall into a moment of complete abandonment. I brought my hand up to touch her face, tracing the scars that lay upon it. She fell into my touch , allowing me to have this intimate moment. I slowly moved my hand to the back of her neck and pulled her towards me.
Leaning in I placed my lips upon hers,  she reciprocated in an instant.
Her kiss was warm and sensual. She kissed me back so slowly, taking her time to feel my lips against hers. I never wanted it to end, lost in her touch, in this moment of bliss.
I attempted to urge the kiss into something more, but felt her pull away slightly.
Her mouth still so close, I could feel her lips brush against mine as she softly spoke, "Broken hearts won't mend this way. In another life, another time we could have set the world on fire, Wanheda."
I could already feel the tears in my eyes. I knew in my heart she spoke the truth. She pulled me closer and held me in her arms as I began to cry. We were two lost souls just trying to find our way in the darkness.

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