Chapter 13: The King & The Outlaw.

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The next day we were already on our way by the time the sun lifted above the horizon. I thought of the previous nights conversation with Thayer and felt how it had become a huge turning point for the two of us. Trust had began to build and the hope for a strong alliance.
We reached the outskirts of Polis to find more of Thayers people awaiting our arrival. They had brought an army of people who supported the removal of King Roan from The Commanders throne. Some were outcasts others from clans such as Ingranronakru of The Plains, Sankru of The Desert and at Indra's orders, Trikru of The Woods. Warriors were positioned around the perimeter of The Capital and awaited the call to attack if necessary. The rest of us would enter Polis through the underground tunnels, allowing Thayer to make her challenge to King Roan.
Azgeda guards were positioned at the entry point, it seemed The King was already a little paranoid about unwanted guests arriving in The Capital. Thayers people swiftly eliminated the guards, allowing us to push forward. I led the way, having travelled these tunnels before.
We halted at the exit point as Thayer turned to Indra and the small army behind us ,"Hold back until the moment comes, if it comes. You know what to do." They all nodded in response. From here it was just the two of us.
We walked out into the light of day and approached the courtyard in front of Polis Tower, Azgeda guards were everywhere. We kept out heads held high and suppressed any notion of showing fear. Thayer turned to me, "Ste Yuj, Wanheda!"
I nodded as she called out at the top of her lungs, "King Roan of Azgeda! I am the only living relative of Lexa Kom Trikru. I am Thayer Kom Trikovakru, Kom Trikru, a Natblida and you are not worthy of The Commanders throne! I challenge you to single combat to the death!"
The Azgeda guards surrounded us, poised to attack. This would end with either a new Commander of Polis or the death of us all. I felt that fear starting to creep in.

The atmosphere was intense as we were completely blocked in by Azgeda warriors

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The atmosphere was intense as we were completely blocked in by Azgeda warriors. We stood back to back our weapons ready should they attack. From the doorway to Polis Tower The King appeared, flanked by his guards and Echo.  The clans Ambassadors that now supported him stood behind, intrigued by Thayers presence, "You see fit to challenge The King of Azgeda?" He spat, full of his own ego. As he moved closer he was shocked to see Thayers likeness to her sister, "So you're the one I've been hearing so much about."
Thayers eyes burned into him, "Don't presume you know a thing about me, Azgeda King."
Roan smirked back at her, "Less diplomatic than your sister it would seem."
I approached Roan only to be pushed back by his guards, "You betrayed us! Where are my people?" I demanded. The King spoke to me like a man who had now become lost in his own sense of power, "Easy there, Wanheda. Your people are still breathing for now. They will be put on trial for crimes against the clans. Sky people brought The City of Light down upon us, they will have to answer for that."
Before I could speak, Thayer interjected, "Azgeda is in no position to judge the mistakes of others. The throne of Polis is not yours to sit upon. Accept the challenge or crawl away like a coward. Either way I will have your head!"
Roan noticed the Ambassadors were looking to him for an answer, for his show of strength, "Then consider your challenge accepted, natblida. And when I win, when I cut you down I will take The Flame, your sisters sword and with it lives of every member of Skaikru."
He turned to look at me knowing that I was included in his executions before marching back inside Polis Tower. I looked to Thayer to find her seething with anger, "This King and his ego will not see another day after we meet in that arena. That I promise."
The fury of these two warriors was about to shake the foundations of Grounder leadership.

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