Raph X Rayen ~Princess~

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Rayen Bradford is fourteen,all her life she was told the turtles are bad by her overprotective father Chris Bradford,But that changed one night.

Rayen's P.O.V

walking around the streets of New York at night is not a good idea especially with all the commotion about the four turtles that live in the sewers with their rat master. But i ain't scared of no turtles father tells me the turtles are bad but Karai Shredder's daughter says otherwise i believe her because she knows them personally and we are best friends. i usually walk around New York at night to vent out as i can get a bit hotheaded at times.I turn and walked through an alley as i got into the middle of the alley i heard talking so i hid behind some trashcans hoping to not get spotted as these alleyways are shady. "Fong,What are we gonna steal today?" i peek around and see purple dragons. Wow how did i not notice i walked into purple dragon territory they literally spray painted their logo everywhere in this alley. i slowly back up and accidentally tripped over a cat which caused a loud shriek come from the animal "Stupid cat" i curse to myself "HEY WHOS THERE!" oh crap i feel around a my hand comes into contact with a Frying pan? oh who cares as one of them leans around the trashcans i smack him as hard as i can. "OWWWWWW" he screeched holding his blood nose,Damn i can do some damage with this thing! "Get her!" i was dog piled by about eight purple dragons i was pulled out of the pile by non other than Hun "Are you a spy?" i shake my head "You are a spy!" i mentally face palm. he forcefully pushed me into the wall and help a pocket knife to my throat"LET ME GO!" i kick him where the sun don't shine and he lets go i make a run for it but im pulled back into the alley. "Let the girl go" i hear a gruff voice demand. "What are gonna do about it Turtle!" Hun sneers "Imma gonna show ya"in a split second all the purple dragons are on the floor knocked out cold i see the turtles shell facing me "Thank you..." i trail off the red masked turtle turns to me so i can see his electric green eyes "Raphael call me Raph for short" "The names Rayen" "Hmmm i like Princess better" "Okay Raph can you bring me home?" "I dont see why not" i give him the address to the dojo his eyes widen as he sees where i live but he quickly snaps out of it i hear calling in the distance "Aw shell i gotta go Princess" "Bye Raph" "Wait heres my number,text me if your bored or need someone to talk to" "Mkay bye!" i waved him off as i change into my Pjs and went to sleep dreaming about a certain red masked turtle.

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