Chapter 11: Out of The Shadows.

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The dawn light flooded the landscape. Light rain fell, which was unusual for the desert regions. I wondered if this was the start of environmental changes brought on by the the nuclear meltdown. It was a stark reminder that time was running out.
Thayers people had already begun to move their camp to a different location. Those that remained were armed and ready to ride with us to Polis. This small army was fierce but I was concerned that if all hell broke loose with Azgeda, we may be severely outnumbered.

 This small army was fierce but I was concerned that if all hell broke loose with Azgeda, we may be severely outnumbered

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I met with Thayer before beginning our journey and expressed my thoughts over our numbers compared to Azgeda's. She remained calm, "You worry too much, Wanheda. Some of my men have gone to seek the support of others in The Dead Zone and beyond, those we have helped."
I frowned, Thayer and her people were mercenaries, thieves & killers for hire, helping was not a word I  would have connected them with, "Helped?" I queried.
She smiled at me, "Not all of our endeavours are for personal gain. We don't take from those who can't spare, we don't accept trade for a kill that isn't just. We have our honour."
My presumptions over her way of life were slowly fading and knowing there maybe others willing to support us gave me hope.
As we walked to our horses, Thayer did her best to continue to quell my concerns, "Those who have no love for Azgeda will stand with us and those who believe in The Commanders legacy. A Natblida will always hold more sway than that of a King. The blood is sacred, self proclaimed royalty is not."
Thayer knew how the clans would receive the news of the existence of another Nightblood, that it would change everything. "I'm done living in the shadows," Thayer proudly spoke.
In some ways she reminded me  of Lexa, not just in appearance but in the strength and determination she carried. I had become to admire this outlaw of the desert, but remained apprehensive of her wild nature. There was also the matter of the heart and what I had now begun to feel. I missed Lexa so deeply, my feeling of loss still so prevalent, yet I found being in the presence of Thayer  had started to make me feel something I wasn't sure I was even ready for. I reminded myself time and time again she wasn't Lexa, but when does the heart ever listen to the head?
We climbed upon our horses and on mass rode to meet with destiny. Thayer and her people craved the blood of Azgeda, The Shadow People stepping forward to re-address the balance power in Polis. I pitted the King for the storm that was about to befall him. Win or lose, things were about to become problematic for King Roan and Azgeda's thirst for power.

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