Chapter Forty-One» Winning Her Back

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This is it guys. We're near the end. Just the Epilogue to go. Thank you so much for this crazy amazing ride. I love you all.
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"... I can't find it. Have you seen it? Ammar are you listening? " Spoke a soft melodic voice. Echoing across the large room making me sit upwards. My gaze landing on the figure.

The light from the chandelier illuminated across the large room. Making my gaze flinch lightly; whilst staring ahead.

Intaking a sharp breath, I could feel my gaze landing on her thin form. Standing apprehensivly near the wall length mirror. The red dress clinging against her perfect body. Making her dark raven hair; shine against the light.

Turning around. The once hazel eyes that shined with pureness, now looked fiery. Anger swirling in them, making me groan throwing my head backwards.

She'll be the deațh of me.

Standing up slowly, I found my large figure walking towards her. Seeing her tense, as her hesitant gaze bored at me. Unsure of my motives.

" What's wrong Jaanana, why are you screaming? " I breathed out, my fingers reaching towards her soft plump lips. Seeing them part slightly, a low gasp ripping from her mouth.

Closing her eyes tightly, her shaky hands reached towards my arms. Holding it, as I moved her silky hair to the side. Revealing her milky skin. Leaning down, I found my lips slowly tracing against it, making the woman gasp. Her hands gripping on to my larger arms.

" Ammar s-stop. We're going to be late" She gasped out, daring to open her eyes making me glance upwards. Seeing a flushed look morphing her features.

Her eyes were now wide, covered with dark eye make up. Her cheeks rosy and her plump lips parted. Exquisite.

She looked fuckıng perfect.

"Why would we be late?" I teased, continuing, seeing her groan. Her eyes opening wildly.

" You know why. Ammar move, I've lost my necklace I can't seem to find it an-" Her words slowly dıed down, as my hands circled her neck placing the gold necklace against it, seeing her tense. Her eyes widening and almost accusing.

"You had it all this time and you didn't tell me? " she spoke, annoyance evident in her words. Making me chuckle turning the woman around. Seeing her eyes wide, not believing I could do such thing.

God, she was adorable. To pure to be in this world.

" Don't be bad mad babes, I wouldn't do anything to your precious necklace" I chuckled clasping it together, seeing it  rest against her neck. Placing my chin against her shoulder, I found my arms wrapping around her waist protectively. Staring at the scene before me.

Thanking the Lord, for giving me this woman.

" Waited years for you" I mumbled, a deep void clinging against me. Making me tense, the all too familiar image flashing before my eyes. The day she got married to him. To Yaseen.

The day I stopped living.

" Ammar I'm not going anywhere, but where's our venue. Where are we going? " she whispered turning around. Her large entrancing eyes staring upwards at me. Making me smile, feeling my hand reach towards her chin and raise it up.

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