Jace's P.O.V

I wake up to my ringtone and groan. Holy shit, it's Clara. What the fuck? I answer, of course. I can't resist. "Yes?" I ask, a smirk growing on my face.

"I don't know what the fuck you want, but you need to leave Harry and I alone," she snaps. Short and sweet.

"It's not you I want to fuck with, Clare-bear," I taunt. "Not everything revolves around you."

"What the fuck do you have against Harry?" Clara asks. I can hear her disgust and irritation.

"It's none of your business. All you need to know is that there are now some things that I need you to do that will have some larger consequences if you don't do them," I tell her. This wasn't planned, but now that I have her on her knees, I might as well take advantage of it...

"What do you want?" I can hear the defeat behind her voice.

"I need you to tell Harry that I have his sister and mom at my apartment and that very bad things will happen to them if he doesn't come straight away," I say.

"No way!"

"Clara," I warn. "You better do this, or else--"

"Or else what, Jace? What're you gonna do? You gonna rape me again?" Clara sneers.

"You'll just have to find out the consequences," I sneer.

"Jace, I swear--" I hang up before she can say anything else. 

Clara's P.O.V

"Jace, I swear--" Jace cuts me off by hanging up the phone. My phone lights up a second later with a text.

To Clara:

Harry better come to my apartment by 10:30 tomorrow morning or there will be consequences.

I don't care. I will not put Harry in danger. I delete the text and erase the call. None of this happened. None of this happened. I take a shuddering breath. Oh my gosh, Callie is finally coming today!!!!! It's already been three days since my birthday. I only take my ring off when I sleep because it gets uncomfortable, but even then I keep it in a safe with a lock. The rest of the time, I never take it off, even to wash my hands. I don't want another incident to happen. I can't believe I finally worked up the courage to call Jace, though. Since my birthday I've been telling myself to call him, but I was always too scared or nervous. But today I woke up late at night and finally thought: enough is enough. I'm calling that son of a bitch. So I did. And I ended up with no answers and more questions. Fat lot of good that did.

My screen lights up again.

To Clara:

hey, my wonderful niece! i just landed in london and im getting all my stuff 2 get 2 my new apartment! can't wait 2 see u tomorrow!

To Callie:

thanks, callie!!!! hope u settle in ok and I can't wait to see you, too!!!! good luck in ur new apartment!

I shut off my phone and climb back into bed with Harry when I get upstairs. I fall asleep quickly, listening to the steady rhythm of Harry's breathing.

Callie's P.O.V

I'm so excited to finally be in London. I was only eight when my sister left home, so now that I understand where she went and why she left, I can lay aside any bad feelings I had towards her. And now I'm moving to the same city as her daughter. Since I'm only twenty seven now, it's not so awkward for me to hang out with my niece--I'm only eight years older!!!! Maybe there'll be some hot guys here in London. Who am I kidding? Of course there will be hot guys here. I can't shake my excitement. The taxi finally pulls up to the curb of my apartment building and I get out just as the movers get here. I thank the driver and pay him quickly. I pull my sweater closer to my body because it's fucking cold in London and then walk into the apartment. The landlord greets me and hands me the keys because I already did all the paperwork and I lead the first round of movers upstairs to my new room. I already have all my clothing in two duffle bags so they're mostly moving the few pieces of furniture that I decided to take with me. We finish moving everything into my apartment by 6:30 in the morning because we got here at about 12:00. It's been exhausting, but I thank the movers, pay them, and get to work arranging everything exactly the way I want it. Finally I finish, at 7:00 and I take a quick thirty-minute nap.

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