Tobi's a bad boy

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YAY!!! Another lemon!!! But seriously someone post a request or I will take this down *glaring* so WRITE ONE!!!
I promise I will start working on it as soon as possible... Info time!!!

NAME: Myu Hoshi

APPEARANCE:big butt, b-cup boobs, long brown hair with red tips, gold cat like eyes, cat ears and tail, tight black long sleeve shirt with loose red tank overtop and red leggings with black skinnys that have holes in them therefore showing red in the holes.

PERSONALITY:bipolar, crazy and just plain weird (A/N I can't think of a personality so...)


CRUSH: Tobi (Obito)


~lemon start~

I was sitting on the couch in the akatsuki base watching tv flicking through the channels bored outa my mind

Obito went to go talk to Pein so I'm bored waiting for him to get back... He says I'm going to get a present when he does and I'm really curious as to what the hell it is...

I then herd foot steps coming down the stairs and I perked up sensing his chakra

Just then he came running into the room as Tobi and jumped on me

"Tobi" I groaned irritated then got happy and hugged him

" Tobi Tobi Tobi!!! Can I get my present now please!!!" I asked like a happy excited little kid

"Well, if that's what you want..." He trailed off picked me up bridal style and carried me to his room

And dropped me on the bed climbing over top of me with his mask off he came up to my ear and licked it

"We're going all the way tonight" he whispered and I blushed hesitantly nodding my head

Apparently he took that as a signal to go ahead and bit down on my neck, hard.

I squirmed underneath him and moaned as he bit down all over my neck until he found my soft spot and started sucking.

I moaned and could feel him smirking against my skin as he pulled away making sure to leave multiple marks all along my collarbone.

I decided to look at him, yep smirking why did I even bother checking...

He rammed his lips onto mine and shoved his tongue in my mouth roaming every corner he could reach

While picking me up and teleporting to somewhere else.. Well that's descriptive...

"Uhh I don't mean to annoy you, but may I ask where the hell we are?!?" I wondered looking around

I saw darkness and cold metal walls

"You don't need to worry about that" he chuckled and kissed me again I of course kissed back.

I felt him push me down on something soft then felt cold metal wrapped around my ankles and wrists

Curious, I looked around and saw that he pushed me on the bed that I didn't see before... WHEN THE HELL DID THAT GET THERE!?!

And the metal around my wrists and ankles was cuffs 'yea' I cheered in my head... Please note the sarcasm.

"Obito~" I whined "why"

"You will refer to me as master,slave" oh no, not this again...

"Enough, Obito" I demanded as he jumped on me legs on either side of me,

"Nope, you're not the master here" he said gave me a bite then got up and walked out of the room

I stuck my tongue out at the door and tried to get out of the chains that are keeping my arms and legs apart...

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