Chapter 12: Night of Champions

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When we arrived at their locker room, I collapsed on a chair, "Do I get to come out with you guys?"

"If you want," Seth answered.

"Ok, I will."

"Wait, I don't know if I trust her. Our titles are on the line, remember," Roman reminded them.

"Oh come on, I wouldn't cost you guys the match. I'll just stand at ringside and mind my own business. I promise."

"You can come to my match, they can decide whether they want you at theirs," Dean said as he started tying up his boots.

I turned to the two, "I promise I won't interfere."

They looked at each other, "Fine, but if you cost us the match.."

"Yay!" I cheered.

Later on....

I watched as AJ skipped to the ring.

"So, I'm going to guess you want Brie to win," I turned around to see Roman taking a drink of water.

"Yes," I said as the bell rang and everyone teamed up on AJ.

"You know we could have a bet. Each of us pick one and whoever wins wins," Seth said, walking over to stand by Roman.

"What will the winner get?" I asked, looking up at them.

Seth smiled, "If I win, you have to dress like us for a week,"

"No way in hell that is happening," I told him.

"Same with me," Roman challenged.

"Ok, if I win you have to dye your hair red.... Eva Marie red," I said.

"Deal, make your pick," Seth said.

"I'm going with my girl, Brie," I said as Brie double clotheslined Natalya and Naomi.

"Ok, I've got AJ," Seth said.

"I've got Nattie," Roman said.

"Ok, bring it, can't wait to see that red hair on you two," I said, crossing my arms.

I looked back to the screen as Natalya put Brie on her shoulders, "No! No! No!" I yelled and sighed with relief when she got down.

I cringed as Natalya put Brie and Naomi in a double sharp shooter.

"Come on, don't tap," I muttered as AJ hit Natalya in the back.

Aj put Natalya in the black widow, "Don't tap Nattie!" I yelled.

Natalya tapped.

"No!" I yelled as Seth laughed and high fived Roman.

"I win, looks like your going to have to dress like the Shield," Seth said, still laughing.

"No!" I yelled at him as Dean walked in.

"What did I miss?" Dean asked.

"Oh, we just bet on the divas match and Seth won," Roman said.

"I say double or nothing, come on," I begged.

"What's her problem?" Dean pointed at me.

"We bet and now she has to wear Shield attire for a week," Seth said.

Dean grinned at me, " Really?"

"That sucks, because you guys don't have any with you."

"We can start tomorrow," Roman suggested.

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