Chapter 6

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Seth's POV

Once I got off the phone with Lacey I walked back to Emily's glad that the boys can't read my mind when in human form.

"Why you smiling little Sethy?" Paul cooed. I shrugged "Just because"

"Because he's weird" Leah answered with a smirk

"Shut up" I muttered to her and everyone started to laugh. The rest of the time I was busy texting Lacey. We are meeting up tonight because I am going to tell her I imprinted on her I wonder what she'll say. I hope she doesn't try and kill me, but I guess being dead would be better than her not loving me back that would hurt.

Jake knows I imprinted on her he said he'll stay quiet. He doesn't approve, but he knows it was something I could not control.

*The other day at the beach*

After Lacey healed me and we got back to Emily's Jake and I went and took a walk on the beach.

"So that bloodsucker, she's pretty hot too bad she's a leech" He said with bitterness. I pretended to laugh; when in reality all I wanted to do was rip his head off for talking about Lacey that way.

"Yeah, I know what you mean."

"I saw the look you gave her. You imprinted on her didn't you?" He asked looking down at me since he is taller. I slowly nodded and he sighed.

"How is it even possible Jake?" I asked with curiosity. He shrugged his shoulders

"I'll snoop around and see what I can figure out. I don't approve, but I know it's something you couldn't control. I'll keep quiet and help you in any way I can okay" He told me and I smiled

"Thanks man" And we did the guy hug

"Anytime bro. We should get back" I agreed and we raced back in human form because well we didn't want to rip our clothes. I am running out of shorts anyways.

*Back to present*

The day seemed to drag by. It turned 6 and finally 7, then 8 and finally 9 an hour until I was to meet Lacey. I went and took a shower at my house and got dressed and by the time I was done it was 10 that's when I called her.


Meet me where we first met.


And we both hung up. I saw her and I was at a loss for words. She looked drop dead gorgeous; well she looks gorgeous in anything.

She had startled me when I saw her "Woah you startled me" She laughed

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