Synergia Dos Mil Dose Prophecy

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(A/N: This is just a story I wrote for my class' yearbook. I'm apologizing for any typographical and grammatical errors. Enjoy. and by the way I'm dedicating this to lifeline1396 'cause she helped me writing and editing this :))) thanks ceej!)

Our most treasured moments, to be buried in the most cherished place. All the memories we have gathered and shared will be kept safe. Someday, somehow, this will remind each one of us of what we have; this will produce the greatest power, the power firmly held by our bonds and fueled by our faith. 

As we gather around the pit and slowly bury that vessel we have managed to build with our young minds and limited resources, eyes were brimmed with tears and barely audible sobs echoed across the grounds. This signaled the temporary end of our journey. The big crowd of fifty-six I was used to be with slowly fades before my very eyes. 


-Central Intelligence Agency- 

As soon as I set foot on office hallway, I was immediately greeted by a panick-stricken Dyan. 

"O-our da-database!" she breathlessly exclaimed. 

"What's wrong with it Dyan? Calm down and tell me!" 

"You better see it for yourself!" 

We hurriedly entered the control room for our operations and went to my co-workers. Their frustrated and panicked looks made me worry even more. 

"Speak up Josh, what happened?" I asked not really getting the situation. 

My ex-high school classmate/co-top employee answered. "Our system was hacked, Archelle. Around 70% of our information has leaked to an encrypted foreign source." 

"All our info's? Surely not. It would take decades for that. Whew! Major relief on board," I sighed. 

Joejay, (another ex-classmate/teammate) one of those who are assigned to guard the top secret information grimly filled in, "Not all of it Archelle, it is one of our most recent work - the Multiverse Project". 

"What?!? Oh my gosh. NO, this can't be! That project could be used for bridging any parallel universe! This would be a total universe catastrophe!" I was walking to and fro, shouting. 

"Our hacked system is to be recovered at all costs. I vote we decode it and encode it again into an ancient and/or ingenuine language." Adelaine stated. 

"I also suggest we contact this world's top connoisseurs in the fields we used in nanotech in the said Quantum Project," Joshua abruptly said with his extra-fast way of talking.  

"Well, that's a plan. Way to go, team," fortunately, I was calming down; I could already sense that they were getting nervous. "Where did you say those hackers were tracked down?" I added. 

"Well, we've found signals of the intruder located in 7 places" Joejay informed. 

"What's the plan again?" Dyan obliviously asked. 

"Well, right now some psychopath is trying to hinder us, so of course we'll stop him from accomplishing it. Right now, the plan is to get the experts, as you said, and track a well known archaeologist/translator to encode our data, all over again," I finished with a groan. 

"And how are we going to do that?" 

I looked at the four people I have been working with for the past five years; trying to accomplish the greatest and most ambitious project given to us by the United Nations. 

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