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Arielle's POV:

I was walking down the hall to 5th period after leaving Ms.Murphy's class. I can already tell that that class is going to get a little more interesting. I turn the corner and walk into Pre-Calculus Honors class.

I walked in to see some of my favorite people here. I looked around the room seeing as the teacher wasn't here yet so the class was chaos. I searched for a seat and I saw my best-friend Jaylin Murphy and some of my other friends there. waving her hand to catch my attention.

Awwww she had a seat saved for me. I smiled to myself at the thought.

I sat down in the seat across from her that she saved for me. I turned to the right to talk to her to find her staring at me.
"Uhhhhh earth to Jaylin?" I said while waving my hand in front of her face. She smacked my hand out of her face and said "Im fine it's just...you look a little stressed. Did something happen?" She asked concern laced in her tone.

"Im fine." I said brushing her off hoping that she got the fact that I didn't want to talk about it.
"No you aren't "fine" come on Arielle what's the problem?"
I decided I should just tell her because she wouldn't stop prying until she found out what was up.
"I kinda flirted with my last teacher."
"Ooh la la was it Mr.Hughes? Don't worry he's pretty hot. It's hard to resist sometimes." She said raising her eyebrows suggestively.
"No, it wasn't him."
"So who was it then?" Jaylin asked curiously.
"It was Ms.Murphy." I sighed.
"Oh...what are you so angry about then she's pretty hot."
"Jaylin do you not see the problem here?"
She just looked at me confused.
"Im straight." I said somewhat loudly.
"And I like Jacob and Im going around flirting with my female teachers"

As soon as I finished what I was saying the tardy bell rang. And in came my favorite teacher.


"Hello class. I am Ms.Rose. I will be your teacher for the rest of the year so get used to me and my rules now. When I call out your name raise your hand so I can mark you as present. Please be quiet." She said sternly.

She started calling out names people following her orders, no one daring to defy her.

"YOOOO MS.ROSE WHATS UPPPP!" I yelled at her.
Kids started to chuckle as quietly as they could. She looked up from the class roster and looked at me with a straight face. Seeming to not find what I said amusing. Ms.Rose and I had a stare off until she finally broke and started laughing.
"You never fail to be different Ari."
I flashed her a smile "You know it Ms.Rose."
She shook her head amusingly and continued calling out names.
When she turned her back to put the attendance. Jaylin whispered to me "She totally has a crush on you."
"No she doesn't she just finds me more tolerable than you guys." I whispered back to her.
Jaylin looked at me with a questioning look "Come on now Arielle you and I both know-"

"Excuse Ms.Murphy is there a problem?"
"No miss." Jaylin responded.
"Okay then please keep your mouth shut."
Jaylin just nodded her head and Ms.Rose went back to looking for whatever she was looking for after she put the attendance away. Jaylin turned back to me with a "Told you so" look on her face. I just rolled my eyes at her.

Ms.Rose finally found the thing that she was looking for. A pen. She wrote something down on a piece of paper and faced the class again.
"Okay class Im going to give you a free period. You guys can talk but don't let your voices get too loud."
As soon as she said that everyone started talking. I was talking to my friends when someone yelled my name, I thought nothing of it and continued talking. Then my friend Bridgette suddenly cut me off and said "Arielle Ms.Rose is calling you."
I looked back at Ms.Rose and she was looking at me and gave me a smile. I stood up and went over to her.

"Is there anything you needed Ms.Rose?"
"Nope. Well. Maybe. I don't know. I was bored reading this magazine trying to be interested in it but I couldn't so I decided to have a conversation with you."
I blushed as I heard this."What if I don't want to have a conversation with you?" I asked amused.
"Well then I guess Im going to have to give you detention." She joked.
"Im kidding Ms.Rose. Who wouldn't wanna have a conversation with you."
It was too late before I realized the words that came out of my mouth.
I saw Ms.Rose blush. I left to pull up a chair and brought it to her.

Ms.Rose and I spent the whole period talking about anything and everything. From teachers I don't like to what I did over the summer to favorite food to surprisingly porn. Yea I know she's a pretty laid-back teacher. The thing is with Ms.Rose I was able to talk to her like a regular person, like she wasn't my teacher. She was my friend. And this was why she was my favorite teacher.

The bell rang sooner than I thought it would. I stayed behind watching my classmates exit the classroom. I then heard Jaylin call my name.

"Arielle aren't you gonna come to lunch with us?"
I looked back at Ms.Rose then turned towards Jaylin, responding. "Uhhh yea I am don't worry I just need to stay here for a little while. I'll meet you in the cafeteria though save me a seat."
Jaylin looked between me and Ms.Rose before nodding and leaving the room and classing the door behind her.

"Aren't you going to go to your class Ari?" Ms.Rose said.
"Oh don't worry I have lunch this period and I was just going to head out." I said standing up from my seat and putting the chair I took back to its desk.
Ms.Rose stood too. "Try and eat healthy for once too. I swear all you eat is junk."
"Ehhhhh I'll think about it but I'm leaning towards a no."
She chuckled a little at what I said. "When is it never leaning towards a no Arielle?"
"Hmmmm Touché." I went to my desk and got my Chanel purse with my books in it and put it over my shoulder.

I walked back up to Ms.Rose, I have no idea what I was thinking when I hugged Ms.Rose but I did it. She surprised me when she hugged me back. I let go of her and walked towards to door. When I put my hand on the door knob I looked up and our gazes locked. I looked into her blue eyes getting lost in her gaze. I then realized what I was doing and flashed her a small smile. "Bye Ms.Rose." She smiled back at me and said "Bye Arielle." I then opened the door and walked out the room. Wow Ms.Rose is actually really pretty now that I think about it.


It wasn't until I walked out the room that I realized that my heart was beating pretty quickly. I sighed.

What is wrong with me today. I thought. This is the second teacher I've hit on and it's another girl.

Am I really as straight as I say?

The answer to that question was yes. I could probably be the straightest girl you will ever meet. I had always been attracted to guys. I've only been in relationships with guys. I didn't start sparing girls a second glance until yesterday night last year. When I met her. She changed me.

Jennifer Murphy has changed me.

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