The Mystery of the Killing Wolf

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He walked home very drunk. He loved his job as a tax collector. He can spend some of the money he collected and the Town's treasurer wouldn't even notice it. Today was a lucky day for he collected several silver coins from the interests of the peasant’s debts.

Swaying along the road, a half empty bottle of rum on his hand, he was stopped by the howling of a beast.

Scared and wanting to keep his money to himself, he diverted from stone laid path to the murky and dusty road he never even knew existed until now. He walked in a fast pace, thinking of happy thoughts as the howling of the beast got nearer and nearer.

In the trees not so far, he saw the bushes move. “Damn it!” he cursed, irritated. If it was the town’s people scaring him from their hatred as tax collector then they can go to hell and die.

Thinking it as a joke, he shouted, “I’m not afraid of you, whoever you are!”

The unseen beast growled angrily that scared his dear soul.

“What do you want?” he asked, petrified. He clutched his bag full of coins closer to his chest.

No answer.

“I’m not being here all night, beast, so tell me!” he demanded, getting confidence when the howling stopped.

Still no answer.

Feeling good, he walked briskly away from the side of the forest. He wasn’t a meter away, when the beast lounged from somewhere and appeared in front of him.

A bloodcurdling scream from his throat resonated in the lifeless forest. The collector panicked that he accidentally threw his bag of coins in the air, “No!”

The wolf, irritated by the cockiness of the man, pounced him on his face. Blood surged from  the collector’s head. The wolf didn’t stopped there, he ripped the man’s body into pieces like a chopped meat.

The wolf only stopped when he saw the blank stare of the man.

He couldn’t believe it. He killed a man.

He is a murderer.

Disgusted and scared, he ran away from the dead man’s body parts and howled in regret.

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