Chapter 8: Intruders.

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The next morning I awoke to the sound of a horn bellowing out across the desert. I quickly got dressed and rushed outside. Thayers people were arming their selves as though all out war was about to break loose. Indra approached me, "Indra, what's happening?"
She continued to fix her armour to her body as she relplied, " Scouts have spotted Azgeda soldiers on the borderlands of The Dead Zone."
I was confused as to why they were so far from their own lands, "Why are they here?"
Indra grabbed her sword, readying herself for battle, "It's unclear. Thayers people take no chances with intruders."
I saw Thayer walking across the sand, daggers in hand. I called out to her, "Thayer!"
She turned to me, her whole demeanor full of tension, "Stay in your tent Wanheda, unless you are prepared to fight!" She growled, completely focused on this Azgeda threat.
"How many are there?" I cautiously asked.
"Enough. There's nothing for Azgeda in The Dead Zone, they wouldn't be here without a good reason." I could tell she was concerned as was I. The only reason I could think of as to why The Ice Nation had come to these lands was if they were searching for something. I had a feeling it was either The Flame, Thayer or both. If any of that was true it would mean something bad was happening in Polis. I feared for those I'd left behind. If Azgeda had acquired information about Thayer and my journey to find her, it would mean they had already made their move to control Polis and that my people were now prisoners or dead.
My thoughts were interrupted by Thayer as she climbed onto her horse, "Stay or fight, Wanheda. What's it to be?"
I needed to see this through, to find answers and to show strength, "Where's my horse?"
She grinned back at me and motioned for one of her men to bring my steed. Thayer handed me a sword, "In case you run out of bullets, Skaikru."
The sarcasm wasn't lost on me, I was a far better with a gun than a blade. We urged our horses on to meet with Azgeda. I did my best not to show fear, but inside I was terrified.

We halted our approach on a vantage point over looking the marching Azgeda soldiers

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We halted our approach on a vantage point over looking the marching Azgeda soldiers. There was about twenty of them all armed, all covered in white warpaint. It was more than a mere coincidence they were heading towards The Dead Zone. Thayer turned to her war chiefs, "Flank them on the left and right, but hold back. The rest with me. Let's see what Azgeda wants."
She covered her face to hide her identity, any Ice Nation warriors that may have been to Polis at any point would recognise her image and link her to Lexa. Thayer kept her identity for her people and them alone. I swallowed my fear as we rode to intercept Azgeda.
As soon as we were spotted, The Ice Nation shifted to battle formation. We slowed our horses and stopped a short distance away. Thayer nodded at Rook, who rode forward, "State your business, Azgeda!" She yelled. Their war chief replied, "We're here for Wanheda and the one you call The Ghost."
Rook never hesitated, "Wanheda is our guest here, as for this Ghost you speak of, everyone knows that's just a myth to scare little children and to keep Ice Nation soldiers shaking in their beds at night." Thayers people laughed as Rook openly mocked him. "You'd do well to mind your tongue, outcast!" It was clear she'd angered him.
Rook simply smirked back, "Or what, Azgeda? Your dead Queen will come and haunt us whilst the King licks his wounds in Polis! News travels fast in The Dead Zone."
Fury was building on the side of The Ice Nation. I felt the blood in my veins heating up as tensions rose.
"So be it! End them!" He ordered his warriors to attack, but had underestimated those that stood before him. As they moved to cut us down, Thayer torn off her scarf and yelled out, "FRAG EMO OP!" A war horn sounded, her people rode hard from all directions into the Azgeda warriors. Steel glinted in the sun light as hell was unleashed. She turned to me with fire in her eyes, "Now or never, Wanheda," and rode into the fray. She was every bit the warrior as her sister once was.

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