Naruto x reader

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"NARUTOOOO!" you yelled as you chased him around the leaf village. He wouldn't stop messing with you. He was making fun of how curvy you were and your (h/l) (h/c) hair. You finally had enough.

"Naruto when I catch up to you you're dead!!! You're a dead man Naruto!" He then ran into your small apartment. You lived alone since your parents died on a mission a long time ago.

Once inside he hid in your closet. "-pant- dang. She's fast. I can't believe she got mad! It was true though. Her body is curvy and her hair goes crazy when she's mad. Crap she's coming"
Naruto said panting.

You ran into your room out of breath. "Where did that dobe run off to!?" You thought. You checked under your bed and your bathroom. Then you looked at the closet. "He can't be that dumb to hide in my closet of all places, right? Then again it is Naruto. " You slowly grabbed the handles of your closet and opened it.

"No no no!" Naruto internally said.


"hehe" Naruto sweat dropped.

"Who do think you are making fun of my body and my hair!!!" Your hair started waving in the air as you got more angry.

"Making fun of her body? I wasn't-"


You were interrupted as Naruto got up and kissed you. You couldn't help but like it. You started kissing back. Then once you were finally enjoying it he pulled away.

"I wasn't making fun of your body. Your body is so beautiful and sexy. " He said as he looked at you up and down. You blushed hard. "You idiot. If you think I'm gonna fall for that then yo-"
"(Name)" Naruto said as he looked at you sternly. "I'm serious, actually I've been in love with you since I was in the academy." He looked away blushing.

You were stunned. You took him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. Both of you ended up on the bed in an instant.

Naruto was on top. He took off his shirt and then took off your pants. He started rubbing you through your panties. "Looks like someone's excited" he chuckled.
"Sh-shut up, dobe" you moaned.

You got tired of his teasing so you decided to get some pay back. You started to rub his manhood through his pants. "Fuck (name). You're driving me crazy" he moaned and you smirked.

"I want you Naruto Uzumaki" You whispers sexily  (is that a word? If not.. IT IS NOW!)

That was enough to drive him over the edge he ripped off the rest of your clothes and you took off his pants and boxers (shoes disappeared!! comment #magicalshoes and I'll consider putting yaoi in here! Depending in how many comment #magicalshoes you know what that means all you sasunaru girls!)

"This is gonna hurt for a bit (name). Just tell me if-"
"Get in me already!" You whine. He chuckled. "Someone's desperate"

He slowly entered you. Luckily it didn't hurt too bad.

"Naruto move. P-please" you moaned. He obeyed.

Naruto started thrusting in and out of you at a steady pace but this wasn't enough for you. "Faster!! Ahh!" You didn't need to say it twice. He sped up so fast that you thought he was the new yellow flash- wink - 

"Ahh Naruto!"You moaned.

"Say it louder" he demanded

Both of you were so close to finishing.

"NARUTO! FUCK!" You yelled as you came. But naruto wasn't done. He kept on thrusting in to you at an amazing pace.

You scratched his back as he came inside of you and just that made you cum again.

He collapsed on top of you, resting his head on your plump breasts. You started massaging his head. "I love you too Naruto Uzumaki" you said softly. He looked up at you with tired eyes and reached up to kiss you. You two ended up sleeping together.

Oblivious to the group of girls outside your apartment door. "(Name) left her door open" Sakura said. "That's unusual" Hinata replied. "I hope she's okay" Ino added. They walked in and looked around. They reached your room and sakura walked in. "Hey (name) you left your door ope-" Sakura stopped on the middle of her sentence shocked written all over her face. The other two girls joined her. "What happened?" Hinata and Ino said. Then looked into the room to see a naked Naruto and (name) sleeping together.

They walked out slowly and shut your apartment door. The shocked girls where sitting outside the building and Kakashi walked by. "Hey girls what's wrong? " He asked concerned. "You don't wanna know" they all said as Hinata sweat dropped, depressed while Sakura and Ino had their jaw dropped.

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