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Ross's POV:

I opened my eyes to feel a bunch of hair against my face. I glanced to see a skinny brunette hugging onto me, her eyes closed. I put my hand on her heart to check and feel her heart beating. I had calmed to feel her steady heart beat against my chest.

I had missed this.

She sat up and looked at me.

"I'm sorry." She blushed, looking at me. "I got cold."

"That's okay. You can stay here.. If your still cold."

She nodded and cuddled up close to me.

"Harmony?" I said.

"Mhmmmm?" She

mumbled, closing her eyes again.

"I didn't mean anything I said outside. And I get why you broke up with me. I've been a real Dick."

She looked up, "No, it was just me taking things for granted. I just hope we can still be friends."

"Of course. Now go hug my brother." I motioned to a sleeping Rocky.

That was the day I had learned to let go of Harmony Melody Moon.

Harmony's POV:

It was two hours until we were actually up. Today we were touring big houses (it needed to be big enough to fit the 5 R5 kids, Ryland, Jade, Melody, and I.) We planned to try and get Riker and Jade their own wing of the house to give them their space.

Rocky drove and I sat in the passenger seat, with this hand in my lap. I watched Ross avoid making eye contact with either of us from the back seat.

"Where's the first house we want to check out?"

"Umm it's about a few miles from our old house. I figured we would stop there added wards, to grab anything not destroyed. The house is a 6 bedroom, meaning that we would have to share. It might be a little cramped but let's check it out anyways."

"I don't mind sharing a room, as long as it's not with Rocky," Ross rolled his eyes, glancing out the window.

"Right back at you," Rocky squeezed my thigh and made tingles go through my entire body. Apparently I made a face because Rocky seductively smiled at me.

I rolled my eyes and put in my headphones, watching the trees whip with the wind,almost as if they were smiling and waving at me. I could feel the sun on my face and the hair rushing through my hair.

It felt like home.

As soon as we pulled up to go check out the house, we agreed it was a no. The grass was all dead, and the house didn't look much better. Barbed wire bits were all in the grass and pavement. This was no place for a baby to grow up.

"Sucks." I said, sighing. "We will go look at another after we go check out the old house."


Jade's POV:

"Shes so beautiful, like you." Riker smiled, cuddling me.

"She has your eyes." I smiled back, hugging him back.

"She has your hair."

"She has your pale skin."

I sighed and looked over at our beautiful angle sleeping in her little bed. I rolled over to look back at Riker.

"Do you think we will find another house?" Riker said, Causing me to kiss his forehead.

"Yeah, have faith in our family."

Just then Harmony came in, "we found it."


~Nicole xx

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