Chapter 5: Trikovakru (Shadow Clan).

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We rode for hours before stopping at the river to let our horses rest. I watched as Indra looked into the horizon, deep in thought, "We won't be able to rest for long. We need to clear Trikru territory by nightfall."
I moved to stand by her side, still unaware of our destination.
I was wary of pressing the issue but curiosity got the better of me, "You said that she'd find us if we came looking?"
Indra continued to hold her gaze to the distance as she replied, "Yes, there is a rendezvous point, her people will know when we are near. The first time I met her was after Anya died. She was the one who maintained contact between Lexa and her sister. After she passed, Heda entrusted me with this responsibility."
There was still so many missing pieces, so many questions not yet answered, "Titus never knew, why?" Indra turned to look at me, "Taking you there already breaks the oath I made to Lexa and Thayer. The story of the two Trikru sister with blood as dark as night is not mine to tell, Wanheda. Maybe if Thayer agrees to meet you can ask her yourself. Be aware she does not accept strangers with open arms, especially those that wish to delve into her past." Indra walked away to prepare for our onward journey.
I took The Flame from its box and held it in my hand. I feared the worst, that Thayer would refuse to take The Flame just as Luna had, history once again repeating itself. Then there was the matter of Indra's concerns. Maybe my pursuit of this mysterious Nightblood would cost me my life. I would become a warning to those who would be so bold as to seek out The Ghost without invitation. There was no turning back now, bold is what I had to be in such desolate times. Be brave, Wanheda. There are worse things than death I told myself.

We maintained our pace over the next few days, only stopping to rest the horses

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We maintained our pace over the next few days, only stopping to rest the horses. For the most part only silence past between us. I was aware Indra knew what Lexa meant to me, that I had fallen in love, maybe this is why she'd agreed to help. I was also mindful that she had lost her Commander, the girl she followed with honour and respect. Indra was a true warrior and Lexa knew that. Entrusting her with such a secret showed the bond between this warrior and her Commander. I knew Indra still felt a sense of duty to Lexa's legacy as did I to her memory. We were two very different people from different worlds who now shared the same path.
As we hit the edge of the delta lands, rain began to fall and mist settled in. Indra seemed to become wary of moving forward. She halted her horse and glared around at our environment.
"What is it?" I asked.
"Get off your horse. Do it slowly," she replied.
I became unnerved by her sudden change in demeanor but obeyed. Only the sound of the leaves blowing in the breeze and the rain falling upon the ground could be heard. From out of nowhere we were surrounded by a tribe of grounders I did not recognise. Their weapons were drawn ready to attack. Indra held up her hand, "Ai laik Indra Kom Trikru!"
A woman stepped forward and spoke, "You honour us with your presence Indra Kom Trikru, but you know the rules, you and only you!" She looked me up and down, not impressed that Indra had brought me here.
"These are desperate times, Rook Kom Trikovakru. She will want to hear what Wanheda has to say," Indra spoke in our defence.
The woman she called Rook held her stare and motioned for the other grounders to move towards me. Fear began to set in as one of the men tried to remove Lexa's sword from my back. Anger overcame my fear as my reaction was to protect it. I violently pushed him away from me. The next thing I remember was a searing pain in my head as I fell to the ground. Everything faded to black, I wondered if this was to be my last breath, the end of Wanheda.

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