Chapter 1

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They were all waiting in Sadie's room for the call to go downstairs. "This is stupid, I mean, we're staying here, why do we have to go outside then drive arrive around the block to attend the awards that are downstairs?" said Gaten.

"Come on man, you know we're meant to make an entrance" replied Caleb, doing a spin in his stripy suit causing everyone to laugh, everyone except Millie who just smiled distractedly, but Finn was the only one who noticed that. He'd seen her become slowly more withdrawn over the past few weeks, but it had been so gradual that the others hadn't really noticed it.

She checked her phone when it buzzed, stood up and made her way to the door, "I'll be back in a minute" she said at Sadie's questioning look, giving a fake smile, "I just need to ring my mum." Finn had seen her expression change as she checked her phone, the color draining from her face. He watched her leave, wanting to talk to her and check she was ok, but he never seemed to be able to get a moment alone with her. For some reason security were always hanging around, far more than usual, and it played on his mind.

He made a decision, he stood up patting his pockets, "damn, I forgot my phone in the room, I'll just go get it...come grab me if you get the call."

"Ok man" said Gaten.

He slipped out of the room, but instead of going into his room he made his way to Millie's. There were so many of the cast staying at the hotel that the whole floor had been booked and security meant that only cast and crew could enter, meaning a lot of people just ended up leaving their doors open. He rounded the corner to Millie's room when he stopped. He could see her inside pacing up and down, talking animatedly to the Duffer brothers, 2 security guards (John and Chris he thought their names were) that he recognised, and someone he presumed to be a bodyguard. Millie looked upset, showing them her phone. He desperately wanted to hear what was going on, but knew he shouldn't even be seeing this, so he went to his room which was next to Millie's, waiting for the rest of them to leave, hoping he'd catch her. After a few more minutes he heard talking in the corridor. Watching through the spyhole he saw the Duffer brothers, the security and bodyguard leave, and also a police officer he hadn't even seen. "What the fuck?" he said to himself.

Instead of knocking on her room door, he went to the internal door that connected their rooms and knocked gently, "Millie? Are you in there?" he said, loudly enough for her to hear. He heard her side unlock and watched as the door opened slightly.

"Finn? What are you doing here? I thought you were waiting with everyone."

"I wanted...I just wanted to make sure you were seem a bit down recently" he said quietly. He thought back to what he'd just witnessed, "you know you can talk to me, right? about anything. I'm always here for you, just give me the word and I'll drop everything for you." He was getting dangerously close to saying more than he should.

Her eyes seemed to glisten, but she gave him the first genuine smile he'd seen on her for weeks, "Finn, I..."

Knock, knock, knock.

"Hey Finn!" shouted Noah from the door, "we've gotta go, I'll just grab Millie too!"

"Yeah, ok, be right out!" Finn yelled back, not taking his eyes off Millie.

"See you on the other side" she said, sadly. Finn was really starting to worry.

They all went out the back of the hotel, jumped into a stretched limo and took to 2-minute car ride to the front of the hotel to the red carpet. Finn always admired how much of a pro Millie was at these things, she was usually so confident, making time to speak to fans and fangirl other celebrities, but today she seemed on edge, looking nervously around her. She didn't make it obvious, most people wouldn't have noticed, but Finn knew her so well. He also saw more security than was usual, and every now and then Millie would glance over at them.

He suddenly noticed a commotion by Millie, someone had grabbed her arm and she was trying to get away, a security man grabbed the person who then let go rather suddenly causing Millie to stumble. But she didn't fall, Finn was there to catch her in his arms. He gave her a small smile and, noting the panicked look on her face, grabbed her hand and walked her the rest of the red-carpet hand-in-hand, ignoring any more requests for photos or interviews. "Are you ok?" he asked her once they'd made it inside.

She looked upset and, spying a doorway, rushed away from him, making her way into a quiet room off to the side away from the crowd. Finn followed and found her breathing hard, pacing back and forth, shaking her hands, in fact he could see her whole body shaking. He walked up to her and grabbed her hands to stop her, "Millie, please, tell me what's going on, you're starting to scare me."

"Finn, I...I'm sorry." He raised his shoulders and shook his head, not understanding. "Someone's been sending me threatening messages, not just online, but to my phone and my home address. They're really...explicit" she said, trying not to break down.

"Is that why the cops were there earlier, in your room?"

"You saw that?"

"Yeah, sorry, I wanted to see if you were ok, you've been so down I know why...I just care about you Millie, I can't stand to see you this way." With that he pulled her close and held her tight, "I'll never let anyone hurt you."

She pulled away from him slightly so she could see his face. Their eyes locked, no words were needed, they both leaned in slowly until their lips met. After a few seconds the gentle kiss was over, Finn held her in his arms and for the first time in weeks Millie felt happy and safe.


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