Chapter 3: Blood Of Blood.

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The throne room seemed to have all of the air pulled from it as those present stood in shock at Indra's revelation. You could see in her eyes she was letting go of a secret she had carried for some time. I stood in utter disbelief, " How is this possible? Titus never..."
Indra interrupted me before I could continue, "Titus never knew. Those that do are either gone from this world or sworn to secrecy as I am. There are some things in this life that need to remain hidden, some secrets that need to be protected."
She was incredibly apprehensive of allowing this information to surface. Kane pressed her to continue, "We're beyond the time for keeping secrets. If you know where we can find this nightblood then we need to meet with them."
Indra sighed, conflicted by her duty of honour and by the knowledge we needed to find the next Commander if we were going to help prevent civil war. "It's not that easy. They call her The Ghost. You don't find her, she finds you."
Emori spoke out, it's seemed she recognised the name, "I've heard of This Ghost you speak of. She's known in The Dead Zone as a mercenary, an outlaw, This is not someone you want sitting on The Commanders throne." Emori's words of warning conflicted with Indra's knowledge of this stranger, "Things are not always as they seem, even for those with such a dark reputation." Indra's defence of this Ghost restored some of the hope I'd lost with Emori's cautionary tale. I knew Indra was a woman of honour, she would never defend those who were not worthy.
I continued to question Indra about The Ghost of The Dead Zone, "You know her well?"
"Yes, she shares Lexa's blood, she shares her spirit," replied Indra rather cryptically. Her words raised more questions than answers, "I don't understand, who is she?"
She looked me dead in the eyes and spoke of something that shook my world, "I speak of family, Wanheda. Blood of blood. The Ghost has a name, she is called Thayer. Lexa was her sister."

Nothing prepared me for Indra's words

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Nothing prepared me for Indra's words. Lexa was so guarded, I always wondered if she had family and if any of them them were still alive. I guess now my curiosity had been answered. "Lexa never spoke of a sister, she never talked about her family."
"And you'd never have known if it wasn't for such grave circumstances. Thayer is the only surviving member of Heda's family. She may share Lexa's blood but believe me she will not wish to become Commander."
I didnt allow Indra to deter me. We needed a Commander to keep peace between the clans but there was something else, something that had been on my mind since I returned from The City of Light, "It's a risk I'm willing to take. She may be the solution to our survival."
The whole room looked at me unsure what I spoke of. It was a theory, the only one I had, but it was something at least. "Clarke, what is it?" Bellamy queried.
"When I took the flame I saw Lexa and Becca Pramheda. After ALIE's warning, Becca told me there was still hope as though she knew of a possible way we could survive this. The consciousness of the past Commanders are stored in the flame, the entire history of human survival after the bombs fell. Somewhere in there is the answers we need, I'm sure of it." It was all I had, but I believed Becca was trying to tell me we could live through this.
"What if you're wrong?" Murphy questioned.
I understood his scepticism, "Give me another solution, another possible option and I'll pursue it."
The room fell silent as I turned to Indra, "Will you take me to her?" Indra paused to contemplate her answer. She knew in her heart we had no other option. "Be ready to ride in the morning. But mark my words Wanheda, she will not welcome your pursuit of this matter."
I would gladly risk my life, gladly follow the only spark of hope we had as I knew Lexa would to protect those that relied on her. Even in death she still helped to guide me, she still gave me strength. As for Thayer, only time will tell.

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