Chapter 2: Revelations.

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As I approached the throne room my heart pounded heavy in my chest. How was I meant to deliver such a dark warning after everything we'd been through? Swinging open the double doors, I was aware those in attendance were mainly Skaikru other than Emori and Indra. My mother was attending to Indra's injuries she had endured whilst tortured upon the cross. Kane was by her side, so sorrowful for the hurt he'd caused her whilst under the influence of the chip. She held onto his arm as my mother stitched her wounds, forgiveness had been offered and gladly accepted.
Bellamy was covering up Pikes body after Octavia had cut him down with her sword, retribution for Lincolns death. She was nowhere to be seen. After helping Indra down from the cross she made her decision to leave Polis. Octavia had her own sorrows to face, her own demons to fight. Her path was now a solitary one driven by grief. I hoped that one day we would meet again and that her heart ceased to weigh as heavy as mine also did. I felt for Bellamy, his sister was his world but the mistakes he'd made had cost him the person he loved the most. Maybe one day she could find it in her heart to forgive him, maybe they could find peace once again.
As I stood there all eyes were fixed upon me. My mother, Kane, Indra, Emori, Murphy and Bellamy were awaiting my words. Bellamy already knew what I was about to say, the others looked on in horror as I relayed ALIE's warning. Disbelief, disparity, and an overwhelming sense of helplessness washed over the room. I had no grand silver lining that came with this impending doom. I was still processing our fate just as those around me were. I never thought for one second our situation could get any worse, I was wrong.

 I never thought for one second our situation could get any worse, I was wrong

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Each of those present that day had question after question I could not answer. It was Kane who added another concern to our situation, "What will the clans do when they hear of this?"
I shook my head, "I don't know I have no answers to offer them."
Indra spoke out with an insight to Grounder politics, "We have no Commander, no leader. This will create unrest amongst the clans."
My mother interjected, still struggling to understand Grounder culture, "The world is falling apart, I think there's more important matters to contend with than grounder leadership." Indra looked at her, she knew the importance of the position of Heda to the clans, "You don't understand. Without a Commander the coalition will become fractured. Each of them will fight for control of Hedas throne. Civil war will come to Polis."
If we would sooner fight and kill ourselves for power, maybe we deserved to be wiped out. Death seemed to be the only legacy we were capable of leaving behind, "So that's it! If the nuclear meltdown doesn't kill us we'll just massacre each other? For what, to be King or Queen of a dead world?"
Indra replied, her voice harsher than before, "The clans won't heed the words of Skaikru. Even if they did believe you it would be viewed as a play for power, to control Polis just as Jaha has controlled us with this City of Light."
She knew the responsibility of what happened with ALIE would fall at the feet of Skaikru. They would hold us accountable. Skaikru, the bringers of death!
Kane spoke out, "Then a new Commander must ascend to maintain order. The coalition must stand."
We had found ourselves back in the same position as before, the search for a natblida, "Luna is the only nightblood left that we know of. She refused the flame, she will not become Heda." My words were full of dissolution as were my mother's, "So its war we face?"
Indra looked nervously at everyone in the room. I could tell she was apprehensive of what she was about to say, "Luna is not the only Nightblood. There is another."

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