When there was a surprise

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                                     I cried on my pillow for two hours. I hugged mangle, lied on by bed and cried. I had nothing else to do. I looked at the room and all the stuff that I saw. I saw my Jacksepticeye hat. I saw the stuff he had given me. I knew he was gone. It had been 2 hours anyways. I laid there. These thoughts came to my head. He never Loved you! He wasn't your kid. He got you for NOTHING! He left you in the dirt! These words kept going and going and going and going until I heard a ding! I checked my phone but nothing was there. I decided to look downstairs. I thought mark would have ordered pizza. I hope it would be dominoes (THE DOMINO'S BAE IS BACK PEOPLE!) I had walk down to see something better then domino's. I! SAW! JACK! Not only that but he was hugging mark too! There apologizing and crying and being married and happy and it was perfect. I was watching the whole thing so when they called me down I just ran up and hugged them both. Jack sits us on the couch. Grinning ear to ear. "Now I thought for a while and I forgave mark. I was thinking about all our conversations, and remembered on in particular. Mark remember how you wanted not just one but 2 kids?" Mark and I both have the same response. Oh. My. God. His was more of a happy way while mine was a What the fuck kind of way. "Max come in!" Jack screams. The door opens with a 7 year old boy holding a  Transformers suitcase. "Emily meet your new brother"

                                       (OK NO ONE SAW THAT ONE COMING!  Aren't I amazing guys! Ok for the next few weeks uploads might be even slower. Sorry but I'm going on vacation back to my hometown to see my family. I'll need to find their wifi passwords. Wwll I brought back domino's and molly. Good day for me. BYE MY PEOPLES)

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