I walked in and the room was mostly empty, minus the few smart kids that came to class right when they got to school. Apparently I'm one of those people, because here I am. Although I didn't realize I was all that early, I thought the bell was gonna ring soon. But it doesn't ring for another 10 minutes.

I contemplated my options. I could turn around and go find someone to hangout with for the next 10 minutes, or stay in here with the few smart kids and Mr. Styles. The choice was pretty obvious.

I was getting ready to turn around when I heard my name being called, "Miranda, you're early."

I looked up to see Mr. Styles smiling at me and I returned a small one, "Yeah, I didn't realize it was so early."

He chuckled and said, "Getting a little excited to see your favorite teacher, eh?"

My smile slightly dropped at his annoying, cocky attitude before growing wider and in a mocking way.

"Least favorite, you mean," I corrected him. He laughed to himself before going back to his desk and picking up a piece of paper.

"You forgot to sign this yesterday. It's required," he handed the paper to me and I grabbed it, looking down to see the book sheet we filled out yesterday about the damages done to our books.

"Oh," I said, taking out my pen and bending down to quickly sign my name on the line. When I finished, I looked up to see Mr. Styles looking around the room, cheeks red and rubbing the back of his neck, like he was embarrassed. I was puzzled until he cleared his throat, "You should, um, probably pull up your tank top."

I looked down before blushing furiously, seeing that my tank top had fallen down a little and a good amount of my bra was hanging out. I rapidly pulled up my tank top so my bra was completely covered.

I then cleared my throat as well, before stuttering out a quick, "T-thanks," and handing him the paper.

"Thanks," he said and sat the paper on his desk, on top of the endless stacks of papers. It's only the second day of school, how the fuck does he have so many papers.

I nodded my head and then began my way towards my seat, realizing that the room was getting fuller and fuller of people.

I reluctantly sat down next to Jeff, who was talking to his obnoxious friend that sat next to him before he realized I was there.

His conversation trailed off but from what I gathered from it they were talking about the girls they 'bagged' last night. Gag.

He turned his body towards mine and said, "Hey," before adding on a smile. What I found attractive about him yesterday, I'll never know.

I rolled my eyes and turned my head away from him, letting him know I wasn't interested. He laughed and turned back to his friend.

I looked toward the front of the room to see Mr. Styles looking at us, seemingly interested in our conversation. He flicked his eyes away when he saw that I noticed him and pretended to be busy sifting through papers on his desk.

A few minutes later, the bell rang.

"Hello, everyone. It isn't the first day anymore, so it's time to do some work. Here are your worksheets, this is just a review of your math last year so I can get an idea of what we need to work on first. Answer the worksheet to the best of your ability and then flip it over. When I see that everyone's done, we'll go from there," he explained to the class.

The girl in front of me passed me a couple of worksheets and I passed the remaining two back, keeping one for myself.

I looked down at the worksheet and tried answering the first question. I furrowed my eyebrows at the question, not understanding a single part of it. I was usually good at math but I have never heard of anything in this question.

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