Chapter thirteen (part 2)

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Hey guys sorry for the long wait there will be good Draco as most of you asked for it.


After lunch the Weasley family showed us what a port key was and when I say it was the worst thing I've ever done, I mean it.
We headed to the train station and somehow had to find a ticket box with a red door when most of them here have a blue one. I walked around the corner and bumped into someone.
"Oh um sorry!" The blonde boy quickly said (after noticing that I was with Harry and Hermionie.) before running off like I had just punched him in the face.
"That was Draco, he used to bully us and after the war he sent us a letter apologizing for everything he's done." Hermionie said after seeing my confused expression.
"Come on guys, Ron found the place!" George called out and we followed walking up to the ticket box I heard Mr Weasley mutter
"Twelve tickets for the Hogwarts Express," before handing over odd looking money. I shook any of my surprise when the man handed over twelve normal looking train tickets, well ones similar to the ones Annabeth showed me.
"So, who wants butter beer?" Mr Weasley said and everyone but the twelve demigods raised their hands, I opened my mouth to ask what butter beer was but before I had a chance Percy blurted the question out,
"What in the sea's name is butter beer?" Slowly all of the wizards turned to us,
"You guys don't have butter beer in America?" Ron asked in tone that clearly stated that he was as surprised as I was when I found out what a phone was.
"Nope," Thalia said bluntly while leaning on a wall.
"Well let's get you some," Mr Weasley said smiling.

Hey guys I'm so sorry that this is so short and took so long, I'm going to try and keep updating but the chapters will be shorter but all that aside thanks for reading and good night.