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WARNING: this story was written in 2012, AKA my CARROT phase. Yes, it might be cringe worthy at first, but I promise this story picks up. Editing will take place soon. Mild swearing here and there that I will take out once editing starts. Just a heads up. 

I hope you enjoy!


Chapter one: Mobs and Such

Two hours had flown by so quickly. Yet, I walked around endlessly through the mall in hopes of finding a clothing store I hadn't entered. Being very picky, as well as indecisive, had a negative effect during times like these. I tried on many things but they didn't fit my style.

Clutching the coffee cup in my hand, I finally took a glance at the magazine I picked up.

"Who Is Harry Styles Mystery Girl?" The article read. I snorted, rolling my eyes before tossing the magazine into the nearest trash can. It was probably filled with a bunch of useless information. One obviously being about the new boy band teenagers like myself swooned over.

It wasn't like I was a hater or anything, I just had better things to do than stalk One Direction's Twitter and Facebook page. Walking around the mall for a new outfit for instance. That's what regular teens do, right?

I smirked, taking a glance at the food court I started to pass before someone knocked into me, making me drop the cup I had in my hand.

"Shoot!" I yelled, watching as the liquid created a small puddle below me.

Angry, I glanced up at the girl running a few feet ahead of me. She turned around with a huge grin plastered on her face before she opened her mouth to speak, "sorry!"

Peeved, I stormed away, shoving some people aside as I headed in a random direction. Never had I ever wanted to beat the living crap out of someone. I paid good money for that coffee! Stuff at the mall isn't cheap!

Several screams erupted all at once as a few boys ran passed me. Looking ahead, a mob of screaming girls headed in my direction. My eyes widened at their hysterical faces. They were clearly excited about something I was completely unaware of.

My feet felt like boulders, but I managed to make them turn around as the mob neared me. I ran in hopes of not getting trampled on and made a sharp turn into a store. I ran inside and managed to make it in before the doors slammed closed. 

"I almost died!" I yelled in between breaths, staring at the ground. Several laughs filled my ears as I continued to hear the piercing screams. Turning around, I stared in horror as a number of girls surrounded the store I just entered, pressing against the glass window. Might I say, they made the most funniest faces.

I snorted as some began to cry, thinking I had become some over night sensation somehow.

"I love you!" One yelled.

"And I love you!" I shouted, shooting the girl a thumbs up.

I noticed she wasn't even looking at me. Instead at someone or something behind me. With all the screams and cries, Jennifer Lopez better be behind me. Never in my life had I ever seen this. Not up close, anyway. They banged against the window, making me jump in surprise.

Curious as to what the fuss was all about, I slowly turned around and died inside as the members of One Direction stared back at me.

"Oh man."

Was it my lucky day or what?


I'm not getting that new outfit.


What did you think? Please let me know ;3

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