2 || horny

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"thank you for making out with me..." jungkook said with a playful smirk just as you got inside the set.

you smacked his shoulder for him to be quiet. he said that too loudly, and the other actors were only feet away.

"shh! I didn't do it for you to announce,"

he continued to giggle, and poked your cheek like a kid. he should stop being overly excited,

sohyun made her way over to you with an awkward smile, and her hands behind her back. jungkook was not very pleased about making short talk with her especially right before filming a sensual scene at 7 in the morning. he had no harsh feelings towards her, but they weren't sweet feelings either considering the many times she responded to their dating rumors inconsiderably.

"hey, kookie," she greeted him first before giving you a little head bow, and a smile.

"did you read the script?" she questioned him obtaining the same composure she had just as she arrived.

he nodded his head without opening his mouth to speak a word or two. you noticed his expression, and you knew him well enough to realize that he was feeling uncomfortable.

"well I'm glad you did, because the scene is going to get interesting," she sounded very pleased about the action which somehow made you scrunch your eyebrows together in irritation.

"it's nothing," jungkook replied looking away from her gaze.

she crossed her arms, and continued being awkward.

"its nothing until you get a little turned on, and the scene becomes real," she smirked. you scoffed after her words which forced her to glare at you. jungkook put his hand on your shoulder, and slightly pushed you so you could walk away together.

"it will never be real," he told her before leaving with you. you lead him to a café that was only a door away from the set so you could disappear from her gaze.

jungkook sighed after closing the door behind himself. "she is trying too hard."

you rubbed your forehead with your pointer finger, and closed your eyes before stating an unanswerable question. "but why am I mad?"

kook smiled, and looked at you.

"do you like me, noona?" he questioned taking you off guard. you were by the window of the café at this moment in time.

he was grinning at you after his very silly question.

"what kind of question?" you wondered. as you looked outside the window (maybe searching for an answer) you recalled last night, and the moment he did not follow the script and just ran his hands all over your body while sucking your tongue...

ugh that was so hot

he snapped his fingers in front of you bringing you back to reality. "you there?"

you put your hands on your hips, and pouted. "i think you are the one who likes me, jungkook."

he threw his head back, gliding his tongue against the inside of his cheek with a smirk.

"i mean yesterday shit got a little frisky cuz of you," you added with an expression stating 'it wasn't my fault'.

he chuckled at you, and wrapped his arms around your shoulders which squeezed you to his chest.

"shhh, noona we don't talk about it," he said in your ear and continued squeezing you into his embrace.

as you stayed in his hug for a bit you saw a camera flash, and a man running down the street. you eased yourself off his grip a bit and stared down to the man running until the moment he looked back at you with an evil smirk.

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