Chapter Two

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Jacob convulsed as his body tried to suck in air and throw up at the same time. He lurched again, stretching out his hands until they pressed up against something hard and smooth. He opened his eyes but his vision was fuzzy. He swung at his containment, but his movement was slow as a thick viscous liquid dragged at this skin. Its temperature was so neutral, he hadn't noticed until he moved.

Then why wasn't he drowning?

Jacob reached for his mouth but his fingers found a tube instead. Aware of it, he could now feel it snaking down his throat.

He lurched again.

A light pierced the liquid as something moved above him. Jacob lashed out, reaching past where the wall to his containment had been and grasping for something he could us to pull himself free. All he found was the bite of cold air.

Strong fingers wrapped around wrist and others grabbed onto his arms. Instinctively he fought back, trying to push away whoever was holding him. He heard his own muffled screams inside the liquid.

The cold reached past his arms and nipped at his body as Jacob was wrenched from the liquid. He grew colder as whatever coated him dripped back into the prison.

He tried to see, but only caught glimpses of the too white room was as the liquid dripped into his eyes. Trying to pull his hands free only caused his captors to tighten their grip.

As Jacob tried to shout he felt the tube between his teeth and pushed past his tongue. This time, bile tried to push its way up his throat, but it fell back down again.

The tube pulled free, scratching his throat on its way out of his abdomen. He felt nauseous as it retreated, as if  his guts were being pulled from his mouth. Finally, it was out.

Jacob lurched forward and wretched, long and hard. His head filled with pressure as he heaved and spit whatever was in his stomach. It didn't feel like much.

Jacob blinked away tears and the pounding in his head began to slow. He opened his eyes and, after a moment, realized he drifting forward. A dull but painful pressure under his arms told made he realized he wasn't floating, he was being dragged.

"Be careful," a man said. The words sounded distant.

Jacob tilted his head sideways and felting something wet slop out. All the sounds around became sharp and lopsided.

A few feet later Jacob's world twisted completely as he was turned onto his side and laid on something hard. Whatever was filling his other ear drained onto itxs surface.

Jacob opened his mouth to speak again but his voice was nothing more than a wet cough. He tried to move his arms but exhaustion drowned him now and he couldn't feel his limbs, though his body hurt all over and the frigid air bit at every nerve.

A shadow moved over him.

Jacob opened his eyes wider as they struggled to focus on the shape. A woman. A flowing blur of red hair hung around his face, locking his adjusting gaze onto her greenish-gray eyes.

She smiled.

"It's going to be alright," she whispered, "now sleep."

Jacob let his eyes close. He welcomed it now that the danger seemed to have passed. His heart shifted from frantic hammering to a soft patter. and his headache followed suit.

What a nice thing to wake up to, he thought as he drifted back into sleep.

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