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"Are you sure you're supposed to do that?" I ask Peeta. He just started popping the corn for the carmel corn. I thought you were supposed to make the carmel, then pop the popcorn. I could be wrong, though.

"Yes. Do you know how many times I've made this? A billion and three! I think I know what to do," he replies with a smirk.

"Well, is there a possible way for this to go any faster? I just want to eat it!" I say, sounding like a little kid.

"Not unless you want it burnt and nasty. How about you go pick out a movie, while I finish this up?" he says. I nod, then leave the room. I start looking through my pile of movies, when I find my favorite one, A Walk To Remember. I wouldn't say it's a chick flick, but you don't usually see a guy watching this movie. I hope Peeta doesn't mind, because we're watching this whether he wants to or not. I put the disc in, and wait for Peeta. Within about 10 minutes, he comes in with one big bowl of carmel corn.

"Peeta? Where's your carmel corn?" I ask him, with a smile on my face, but I'm actually very serious.

"This is mine," he jokes. "You get nothing." He smiles.

"Oh yeah, cause that's gonna happen," I say, my voice dripping in sarcasm. "I'm gonna go get the candy!" I stand up and walk into the kitchen, grab the grocery bag that's full of candy, then head back to the living room. I sit down and press play on the remote, and the movie starts.

By the end of the movie, I'm in tears, because the ending is so sad. Peeta scoots a little closer to me and rubs my back.

"I'm fine. That ending always makes me cry," I say. Peeta uses his thumb to wipe the stray tears on my cheeks. He is looking right into my eyes, his hand still on my cheek, and I find myself getting lost in his ocean blue ones. Suddenly, I catch myself leaning forward and I kiss him. He kisses me back, but then I realize what's happening and pull away quickly.

"I'm sorry. I-I uh," I stutter.

"No, that was my fault. I'm sorry. You told me you just wanted to be friends. I am truely sorry. It won't happen again, Katniss. I'm sorry," Peeta says. He stands up and starts walking towards the door.

"Peeta, wait," I say. He turns around and looks at me.

"No, I should go. I don't want to ruin the friendship we are already trying to mend. It's not fair to you if you don't even trust me," he says.

"Peeta, it wasn't your fault at all. I kissed you. I think I did it, because I think I'm already starting to trust you again. And no, you shouldn't go. It's only 2:00pm. We could watch 2 more movies before you need to go home for Finn," I say.

"But-" he starts, but I cut him off.

"No, Peeta. You aren't gonna just ditch out on me. Now, stop being a weenie and let's watch another movie!" I exclaim. I walk over to him and grab his arm, pulling him back to the couch and making him sit down.

"I'm not a weenie," he mutters.

"No, you are my mega best friend! Now, pick out the next movie mega best friend!" I scream at him with a smile on my face. He smiles too, and picks out Warm Bodies. It really is a cool movie.

After the second movie has ended, Peeta gets up to leave. I stand up as well and walk him to the door.

"I had fun today," he says.

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