Chapter One.

I groaned miserably as I rolled over in my bed, I stared at the ceiling, it's spiral patterns made me dizzy and I fell back to sleep again, my eyes automatically fluttered open at the annoying sound of the alarm clock, tired, I slammed it onto the floor and got up out of bed. I covered my eyes as the sun shone excitedly through my window.

I stumbled into the hallway, the house was silent-Everyone is still asleep-I tip-toed across the squeaky wooden floor into the bathroom, I let out a sigh of relief as soon as I closed the door and locked it behind me, I looked at the clock-six thirty-; Dad would be waking up in about half an hour and as for my brother, Luke, he'll probably wake up a bit later than that-depends on how he's feeling.

I got into the shower and grinned as the warm water rained down on my back, I stayed in there for a good thirty minutes, I then switched the tap off and stared into the mirror, it was covered in a layer of steam, I wiped my hand across it to reveal the strange girl staring right back at me, I sighed as I plugged in the blow dryer and dried my shoulder length black hair-knowing that it was going to be extremely wavy so I'd have to straighten It too after that, I added mascara to my piercing hazel-green eyes. I rubbed my hands on the area of where my freckles were permanently attached to my peach colored skin...I wonder if there's some kind of treatment that could remove these things? Then that way I can get rid of the stupid nickname-Freck-face-that I have in school.

I sneaked back into my room again and put on the usual clothes that I'd wear during fall, navy blue adidas hoodie, dark skinny jeans and matching blue converses, I almost forget to put a black t-shirt under it, I grinned mischievously in the mirror, the only thing I like about my appearance was my slim figure and my piercing hazel-green eyes, that I had proudly inherited from my mother, who passed away when I was a baby, I barely knew her, but just by looking at the photo of me and her when I was five months, I knew a lot and from what my father and my brother, Luke, told me-she loved us very much.

I kissed Mom's face and packed my school bag with my personal contents and my books; blackberry, check. IPod, Check. Spare hair bands...I looked at my wrist, Check. I spread my bed and dashed my pajamas into the hamper, checking my hair one last time in the mirror.

I opened my bedroom door, the hallway was still silent, I looked at my brother's bedroom door I could hear him snoring and quiet, soft snoring, it's probably Aiden, Luke's best friend, and they're metaphorically joined at the hip!

I looked on my left to Dad's room; his snoring was the most powerful of all. I giggled as I heard a loud fart come from Luke's room, that has got to be Luke who did that I'd bet the whole of my college fund on that. I started to make my way down the steps, remembering every single one that would make a loud squeak and rat me out. I jumped over one last one before my bag decided to slide off of  my shoulder and landed with a loud BOOM on the floor, Damned heavy text books.  

'Alexis, is that you?' I heard a voice from upstairs, i immediately froze. Somehow hoping that I'd blend in with the furniture so I couldn't be seen.

'Snap!' I hissed, I looked up, it was Aiden, he was blessed with a naturally tanned skin, beautiful short cut dark brown hair, heavenly matching dark brown eyes and a athletic build from all the football games he's played, I wish I could see him the way other girls do then that way, I might actually like him, just like Luke-I see him as a brother.  

'Yes, it's me, now go back to what you were doing' I snapped, as I picked my bag up and went into the kitchen, upset that my cover was blown.

Aiden made his way down the rest of the stairs and followed me into the kitchen. I muttered profanities under my breathe as he gave me one of his annoying looks. I opened the refrigerator door and took out the left overs from yesterday's Mac and cheese, I popped it in the microwave and warm it up; I turned around to face Aiden and leaned casually on the worktop.

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