I love him

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Your pov

You were at home, bored as hell. You were on your laptop, buying some manga. As you were buying them on amazon©, you got a message from Kimizuki. You smiled a little.

Kimizuki: tilted words

(Y/n): bold words

Hey (y/n) :) yo what's up nothing much, just bored. Wbu? Buying some mangas. What do you think I should get? Hmm, maybe Tokyo ghoul. Sure. I mean, I never gotten any mangas of Tokyo ghoul. Thanks ;) *blushes* what's with the wink? *:) oh. Lol gtg. See ya' ;)

You blushed at the last message. 'Why am I like this? I'm never like this. Do I like Kimizuki?' you thought. You shook your head and bought the manga. You put your laptop away and went to bed.

The next day

Your alarm woke you up. AGAIN. you checked the time and you were all ready late. You put on your clothes, grab your waffle and ran out the door. You knew where school was at, so you have no problem going to school by yourself.

You finally got to school. You made it for your club (your club is right after your morning period). "(Y/n) is here then." kotaki said as he erased the word TARDY right next to your name. "So sorry. I overslept." you said. "Its okay. Kotakj, may I speak with (y/n) for a second?" Okadami asked while standing up from her chair. Kotaki nodded and Okadami grabbed your hand and headed towards the bathroom.

"Okay. What is going on? You're being late all of a sudden." Okadami said. "Sorry. Its just...I have a senpai." you mumbled. Okadami smiled widely. "You do?!" she said. You nodded. She gave you and evil smirk. "Who is this lucky boy?" she asked, while poking your arm. "K-Kimizuki. And can you please stop poking me?" you blushed once you said Kimizuki's name.

"Okay. Hey, is it okay if I tell Shiribo?" Okadami asked. "What?! Okay you can tell her but she can't tell her brother. Got that?" you said. She nodded.

"Okay. Finally got that out of my chest, now lets go back." you said as you grabbed Okadami's wrist and took her back to the club.

Hey guys! So, um do you think this is short? Cause I think it is. Its just that I didn't have that much ideas for this chapter so this is all I got. Anyways, thank you guys for reading my books and I'll see you guys next time.


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