7 | Lost and found

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All eyes were glued to the screens, watching the marvellous combat between the fighters. They never knew you could still keep your fists up even after receiving a few punches from here and there (not the boobs. Don't worry your boobs are fine).

You swung your foot at his head in which he dodged swiftly. Both your fists collided, ricocheting back from the impact. Immediately, you ran straight towards him, one after another your fists attempt to hit Todoroki. You tried to back him into defence while you are on the offense. Hoping that this technique could work in this situation.

Todoroki easily dodged the attacks, easily finding an opening – he forcefully pushed his palm against your chest. 'GUH!" You shouted. You stumbled back. As you looked back up, you were growling at him like a wild beast. You repositioned yourself. Closing your eyes, you inhaled deeply, opening your calm, [E/C] eyes again.

You were content.

Smearing the trickling blood from your upper lip, you glared at your opponent who seemed to be unharmed. It pissed you off even more, to be frank. Todoroki was curious. He knew about your technique of using chi-blocks and he didn't understand why you're not using them against him?

What are you aiming for?

He glared at your face, "I have a question." He states sternly. You lowered your guard down, coughing to clear your throat. "Well shoot."

"Why haven't you used chi-blocking against me?"

"That's like asking – why aren't you using your quirk against me?"

He blinked, "Well that was becau–"

You being a nasty girl never let him finished his sentence since you gave him an uppercut to the chin. That's just playing dirty. But you were never one to be fair in games in the first place. He got distracted, he should've seen this coming but he didn't! Shame on Todoroki for not noticing this sooner. "YOU –"

He dodged an incoming fist.

You smirked, maybe this was your chance to defeat him – making sure that he won't get near the nuclear bomb. Yes! "GAH!!" An ice-block rammed into your chest, pushing you against the wall. Todoroki's hand was against the floor, creating more and more ice to connect you with the wall. Your lips quivered from the freezing cold. "I should've known that you'd play unfairly." Todoroki spoke, "It seems that I've won this, [L/N]."

He walked away from your frozen figure, and made way to the pretend bomb. With his hand inches, away from retrieving it – you laughed. He quickly turned around to look at you. Shivering, you kept smiling like a total idiot. "Y-You know how I'm chosen as the villain?" You started, your face was turning pale. "It doesn't matter if villains stay alive or not, they just want to be KNOWN. They want to strike fear into people without being alive to do so. So, what's the best way to win in a fight?"

He noticed a little device up in your sleeve. The red light that it emitted was repeating faster and faster as if it went off from the beginning. It was a timer that activates the bombs. Todoroki flared the ice up to your hand to rid the remote – but it was too late.

You smirked victoriously.

"You take the heroes down with you."

All Might had arrived immediately after noticing the device – retrieving all activated bombs and disposing them through the window, throwing them all entirely into the air at a Mach 20 speed. Something no human can achieve without a quirk. You frowned at the disruption and the known fact that you'll be told off for doing a dangerous act that could hurt you and Todoroki.

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