Playing Hard To Get

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*Johanna's POV*

I stare down the runway at the camera facing me, I hear click after click and change my pose in between each click. The wind is blowing through my long hair and the sun is shining, it's almost time for my morning photoshoot to be over. I pull one last pose and hear one final click before the photographer stands up and smiles at me.

"Well done, Johanna. That's all for today. You can go to your trailer and get changed." He says with a thumbs up.

"Thank you." I nod.

I grab a robe and cover myself, I was only dressed in swimwear. Showing off the latest swimwear line, I make my way to my trailer and get changed into my dark red coloured crop top and ripped jeans with black boots. I do a once over in the mirror, I need to look perfect for my best friend...not that I need to. He's seen me at my worst.

In case you were wondering, my best friend happens to be the one, and only Michael Jackson. We've been best friends since we were little, we were inseparable as kids but started to grow apart a little as we got older and got careers. I became a model and he became the worlds biggest pop star. We still talk and see each other when we get the opportunity and today is one of them, I'm about to go see him at his Neverland Ranch. I smile at his photo I have in my purse before closing it.

 I smile at his photo I have in my purse before closing it

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I'm gonna be honest here...I've always had feelings for Michael but never said anything to him in order to lose the friendship we have. There's too much at stake. I jump into my car and start driving to his home, once I've arrived I see he's already waiting outside. I giggle to myself as I get out. I just stand beside my car and Michael scoffs.

"What are you just gonna stand there all day? Or are you gonna come over here and give me a hug?" He asks.

I roll my eyes playfully and run over to him, he wraps his arms around me and lifts me off my feet, spinning me around. I laugh as I wrap my arms around his neck. He chuckles as he sets me down.

"Hey you. How was your photoshoot?" He asks and plants a kiss on my cheek.

"It was great. How was your meeting?" I ask.

"It was good, same old same old. Better now that you're here. Let's go inside." He takes my hand and leads me inside.

We head into the games room, I laugh. He waits for me to point to a game, I roll my eyes and point to the pool table. He smiles and walks over to it. I follow.

"Anything new?" Michael asks.

"No. You?" I ask.

"Seriously? You're the hottest model around and you tell me nothing new has happened?" Michael raises an eyebrow.

"What? I'm serious!" I protest, grabbing a stick.

"So no other job offers?" He asks.

"Nope." I answer.

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