Chapter 21 - Morning altercations & craving kisses

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Harry woke me up by running his hands over my stomach rhythmically, hot breath fanning across the back of my neck as he nipped at my shoulders. I pretended to sleep to enjoy the sensation of his hands lightly tickling my sides, his cool metal rings scraping my skin occasionally.

"I know that you are awake, Norah," He cooed. I froze under his fingertips and tried to stifle my laughs.

"I'm still asleep," I murmured.

"You're the worst liar I have ever met. Now get up, we are going to shower and then I will take you to work."

He rolled over and the bed raised slightly as he got up, leaving a warm space where his body used to be cuddled up beside me. I chose to snuggle further into the sheets and inhale the leftover scent of his coconut shampoo instead of listening to him.

"Norah. Shower, now." He snapped.

I sat up in frustration to find him standing at the end of the bed, arms crossed over his bare chest and black Calvin Klein boxers hugging his thin hips. His eyes were still half shut from just waking up and his hair was matted down on one side.

He cocked an eyebrow at me. "Are you choosing to ignore me or are you really that focused on my bare body? Which, may I remind you, I am offering for your viewing pleasure in the shower. Let's go."

"You're even bossy in the morning," I whined, finally tossing the covers off. He gave me a nod of appreciation as I stretched and then followed him to the bathroom. The large glass shower was already running, steam collecting on the sides.

Without a glance back at me, he shrugged off his briefs and stepped into the shower. I awkwardly slid out of his oversized t-shirt and pants, and climbed into the shower with my hands covering my chest in intimidation.

He opened his arms for me, indicating for me to step in with him under the water. The stream or water flowed evenly over our intertwined bodies as I tried to keep my heart rate down to where he wouldn't hear it thundering out of my chest.

"Why are you so tense?" He asked quietly, letting his arms fall from my shoulders. "And do not cover yourself."

I chewed on my lip as he turned me around and began gently massaging my shoulders, hands kneading the knots out of my back. Even his massages were perfect. A low groan of appreciation escaped my lips as the tension fell away, and then I remembered the most beautiful man I had even seen was behind me, completely bare, in the shower.

I whipped around as I scanned his body quickly, not even knowing what to do with myself. He raised his eyebrows and I chewed on my lip to try and stop the words from coming out of mouth. But when he playfully flexed his arm muscles, I lost it.

"You're naked!" I blurted out. My hands fluttered in between my chest and my now burning red face, unsure of which to be more embarrassed of. The decision came to a halt when his hands captured mine and he pressed me against the cool tile wall of the shower.

My breath caught in my throat as his bare body pressed against mine. "Yes, I am Norah. And so are you." He said evenly. I could hear the smirk in his voice as I opened my eyes, finding his face inches from mine, eyes glowing. Water dripped off the end of his button nose and his thick curls.

"Y-yeah, but like, you're naked. And you're- fuck, Harry- like, you're naked. And your body is, for lack of a better word, totally hot."

He chuckled deeply and nuzzled his dripping head into my neck. "Stop being so awkward."

"It's one of my less attractive qualities."

He pulled me back into the water, squirting shampoo into his hands as he spoke. I watched in awe as he handed me the bottle and then began scrubbing his hair, arm muscles flexing as he worked the soap into his messy curls before stepping back under the hot water.

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