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_10;Awkward Bathing With Jealous Teenagers

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Chapter Ten

Awkward Bathing With Jealous Teenagers

So now all that was left was to hop into the mixed bath; naked. They went back to the changing rooms. Sakura stripped down in the restroom. She wrapped a fluffy white towel around her body and hair. She then set out of the room. Tsunade and Ino then looked at each other. A challenge written in the air between them. They raced to see who could get their clothing off. Ino proud of herself took the towel and wrapped her body. Bright green seeping throughout it. She then left as well. Hinata ran out of the restroom wearing her towel following Ino. Tsunade stayed behind to do something extra.

She generously looked through the towels. Pulling out a short blue one. She wrapped herself in it. She then sat down, laying her head against the tiled walls. She held out a piece of wilted paper. She placed it on her knee with a pen. On the paper was written.





"Kakashi your going on that list."

She looked up as if speaking to him in heaven. She then scribbled down a name. It now read.






She may have thought he was a retard at times, but she still cared for him. She till trusted him like a true lover, not in so many ways. Just like as Ino says 'BFF.' She then folded the paper by four and shoved it in her clothing. Kakashi should be happy. When she put her clothing back on he would be close to her heart and the most favorite things that perverts like him loved; her breasts. She then set off.

Naruto undressed like his short were on fire. Then took a towel and wrapped it around his waist. He then rushed Gai to dress and then shoved him out of the room. Shortly after that he went to the sink by the restroom. He turned on the tap to cold. Naruto splashed his face with the water. He stared into the mirror, a glare heaved at himself. His teeth had grown again a few inches and his whiskers were getting darker. He too was confused as to the reason of such a weird thing. Naruto then left as well.

Asuma and Kurenia shared a good 20 minutes in the changing room doing things that well even Kakashi thought was wrong. They then headed out wrapped in their towels.

They all arrived. Outside the hot springs looked beautiful, but the thought of all of them naked in there was kinda awkward. First was Tsunade. Normally she wouldn't do this, but she was in it to make everyone sweat. So she stripped the towel off and threw it on the ground. Now naked she swung her hips and slipped in the water like a sinful treat. Naruto was now blushing like a fool and was dripping blood from his nose. Gai just kept a slight grin on his face.(something tells me he's used to looking at naked women, no no icha for you Gai-sensei XD) Asuma of course was burying his face in Kurenia's shoulder as he held her waist. Hinata, Ino, and Sakura just gawked.

Gai then took full advantage of the quiet and slipped in by Tsunade. Taking the soaked towel out of the water. He wasn't letting anyone other then a pink haired lady see that. Naruto did the same and sat on the right hand of Tsunade instead. Asuma and Kurenia just took off the towels and slipped in across from Tsunade. Naruto's nosebleed was back. Sakura with her big belly felt bad so she did was Gai did. Ino well as bad as she felt it wasn't stopping her. She dropped the towel and ran in quickly. Hinata didn't want to get her towel wet, but she didn't want to get seen in that way. Naruto cautiously under the water reached up and took the towel. She stood nude in front of everyone.

Hinata began to cry. Her right arm falling over her breasts and her left hand her lower *cough*. She went to run from the group that now glared at Naruto. But he had succeeded in his goal, making Ino jealous. So just to make Ino even more pissed he jumped up and took Hinata in the water by her shoulders. He twisted her to fit within his lap. His naked lap. Realizing this Hinata now to had a nosebleed and a raging blush.

The group was now silent except Tsunade. Her drinks from earlier were starting to sink in.

"See Naruto that blush from earlier. I told you that when they thought we did it you would blush if we didn't. Thank you for proving it you damn pervert." She slurred.

Gai was now laughing. He was killing over in laughter, so much so he was crying while he laughed.

"And Gai, something tells me you liked what you saw."

A cheesy superior smirk crossed over Tsunade's drunken form. Gai stopped his laughter and stretched a arm around her. Like a teenager he did that dumb move. Just to make Sakura Jealous. Tsunade being drunk as ever leaned into him. He turned a bright red. Naruto sat up just enough to make it so Hinata was showing a lot more then cleavage.

"Naruto have some decency." Sakura and Ino stated.

He pouted bringing her back in the water. Asuma was still hiding. Kurenia was holding her mouth from laughter. She could now hear Asuma snoring by her ear. Tsunade was now laughing.

"Ha! Now just to get Naruto and Gai to do the same and we can have you all to ourselves. So that we may have our own fun." She wiggled her brow in emphasis.

Naruto and Gai released the females went running; trying to cover the worse nosebleeds they had ever had. The problem was they had forgot their towels.

"I meant shopping you sick bastards!"

To Be Continued In Next Chapter...

Author Note: Hey guys, the next chapter will follow the boys.

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