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"You will have to teach me every single one of your dishes" I said to Maggot as she served us our lunch.

"Yes, so that I get to eat all of this even in New York" Aaron said, eating a spoonful of the curry.

"Sure!" Maggot laughed and patted my shoulders.

She went back to the kitchen, while Aaron and I savored our food, talking and laughing on random topics. He really has a great sense of humor and I love it.

We were just done eating when Tobias came back. He placed a shopping bag on one of the chairs "I've got all that you asked for. You can check and tell me if anything is missing" he said with a genuine smile and I nodded my head.

"And what about this?" He asked Aaron, showing him an envelope.

"Oh, it came" Aaron said, wiping his hands and gulping a glass full of water. He took the envelope from Tobias' hand and started reading, whatever was written on it.

I picked up our plates and moved towards the kitchen. Placing them in the sink and washing my hands, I turned to Maggot who was again cooking something.

"What are you cooking now?" I asked, wiping my hands with a napkin.

"Pudding cake" she spoke, not even turning to look at me. I watched her keenly as she added all the ingredients and mixed the batter. Once she was done, she poured it all in a bowl, placed it inside the oven, and finally turned to face me.

"Sorry. But when I'm cooking I focus only and only on it" she said with a toothy smile.

"I understand".

"You can sit here..." Maggot said pushing me to sit on a chair and turning back to the kitchen counter "...while I clean the mess".

I quickly got off from my seat and walked next to her "I'll help you".

She told me stories about her grandchildren, of how naughty they are and how much she loves them while, I helped her in cleaning the counter and the dishes. She even said that she is extremely happy that Aaron finally got married as that was the last thing she expected from him. I couldn't help but laugh when she said she considers Aaron as her own son and she wants some grandchildren real soon.

Seriously! It's been just two days that we are married!

After having a long chat with Maggot, I took my leave and walked towards my bedroom.

Aaron was already standing near the window, looking out at the beach and lost in deep thoughts.

I went and stood next to him. He was startled by my sudden appearance but his expressions changed the very next moment.

"I was waiting for you. Here" he said and took out an envelope from his pocket. It was the same one that Tobias gave him earlier.

"What's this?" I asked, taking it from him and looking inside it.

There were a few papers inside it but the thing that gained my attention was a card. I carefully took it out, giving back the envelope to Aaron. Just a look at it and I was speechless.

It was a gold credit card with my name written on it with block gold letters. I looked up at Aaron, he was staring back at me with a worried look on his face.

"Why?" I asked him with wide eyes.

"I knew it! I so knew it! Caroline, why can't you just happily take the things I give you and say a simple thank you rather than asking for a reason every time" he said with a bored expression on his handsome face.

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