son of a bitch

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the next victom is a old lady.

"killed her grandson" Joker says smiling. "with poison"

I look at the old lady.

"that's not true!" she yells.

I was really relived. it would have been too extreme if children had to start fearing that your own grandmother would try to kill you with poison! that it just sick.

"I pushed him off a cliff" the old lady says proudly making my insides turn in disgust.

I look at Joker.

"what are you going to do about it, huh? you can't hurt a old woman!" she laughs.

Joker stabs a knife into her stomach. "whatever you say" he whispers to her.

the blood starts to drip from the houl in her stomach.

"I shall just kill you then" The mad clown says laughing while twisting the blade in her stomach.

she scream out in pain. joker slowly takes out the knife again. then strikes it right in her chest and drags the blade down.

Her heardt and lounges falls out of the big hole. the blood is pumping out of her body and making a big bloody mess on the floor.

he then takes her head and breaks her neck in one single movement. the sound is horrible. it is like when you eat chips in a really quite room and all you hear is the sound of the chips being crushed by your teeth. not a sound I actually likes..

the next person is a high school girl who killed her bestfriend and ex boyfriend because of them getting together. Joker and I just killed her with a gun. she wasn't any fun at all.

"you son of a bitch!" the next and last victim yells.

I am in shock.

it.. it is my.. my boyfriend!? wtf!? what in earth could poor Malclom have done?

"he is cheating on his wife" Joker said.

wait.. I and Malcom is not.. that son of a bitch!

I take a hold of his jakket and hits him har right in his stomach.

"wowch.." Joker says shocked by my sudden movement.

Malcolm is wiping in pain.

"is he someone you know or something? you know who he are married to?" Joker asks.

I first nod. then shakes my head.

"you know him? but not the wife?"

I nod. then punches Malcolm right in the nuts.

how could he do this to me!? how could he do this to his wife!?

"who are you?" Malcolm asks out of breath.

"he is my best henchman. and he is mute, so we just call him Mute" Joker says laughing.

I hit Malcolm har in the face so his jawbone breaks.

Joker laugh.

"you are really mad at him ain't you?" Joker says sitting down on a chair so he can watch with a better view.

I turn my face to him and nod.

Malcolm try to reach for my mask tk get it off.

I smack his hand and pushes his chair so he and the chair falls backwards.

I kick his ass in anger of him trying to rip of my mask.

I then realised what he actually had done to me and who he was.

my body suddenly stopped working.

the room suddenly feel so cold. I can't breathe.

My knees falls under me and I starts crying on the floor.

don't get me wrong. I wasn't crying like a little school girl. it was just a few tears dripping from my nose to the inside of the mask.

"What are you doing?" Joker asks getting up from the chear.

"I think he is crying" Malcolm manged to say even though his jaw is broken.

I get up from where I am sitting and looks at Joker.

If he found out I was crying, it will definitely be the death of me.

I kick Malcolm one more time in the nuts before I sitt down in the chear Joker was sitting on only a minute ago, gesturing Joker to continue.

Joker takes out his knife.

"this isn't fun anyway.." He mumbles and drops the knife over Malcolm.

the knife hits his throat. Malcolm starts crying out. yelling that he are sorry. and then..

he is dead.

"he wasn't sorry" Joker says. "he was just hoping we would feel sorry for him and maby stop the bleeding"

I nod in agreement.

now I just want to go home..

but I can't go home..

I am-.. I WAS living with Malcolm..

fuck, why does everything in this fucking life have to be so fucking hard!?

I guess I just got to stay here then.

"how do you know him?" joker suddenly asks.

I just look at him through my mask.

"that's right... you can't talk.." he says angrily. "just go eat or something. you are dismissed"

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