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I try to reach out to you but I keep falling. Sometimes you seem so close but yet so far Lord; i need another chance to know you more, to know your mercy and love; give me the strength to change within!
I know that I'm not all that I can be now cause my weakness keeps getting the best of me. But as long as you are around, I know that I can make it, every step along the way; please hear my prayer.
I want a heart like yours, full of compassion, with nothing wrong within.
Your heart is so tender and loving filled with s much warmth and joy. It's strong as the wind and soft as the shadow, oh to be like you just once!
Oh Lord! I wish to understand your Love. The depths of your love, the heights of your love, the length of your love, the width of your love Lord! Your love is greater than anything in this world. I want a heart like yours.

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