Part 39*

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Shravan: Ok now, lets get you ready.

Shravan and Sumo both get ready one at a time in the bathroom. When Shravan sees Sumo in the outfit he had bought for her, he is absolutely mesmerized. The white and green combination looked devine on her beautiful skin. The dress fit perfectly around her curves. From the sides, you could see the green skirt and a tiny bit of her bare waist. The back was covered by her long, silky hair.

Shravan came closer to her as she kept on taking steps back. Soon Sumo had ran out of space and collided with the wall. Shravan continued to walk closer and closer to her until they were millimeters apart by the closet wall. Sumo keep blinking nervously while Shravan's gaze on her was strong and sensual.

Sumo: Sh-shrav-an. (nervously speaking)

Shravan: (putting a figure on her lips) Shhhhh......

Shravan keep his gaze strongly on her big, brown eyes. He took his hands and took off the bandaging that was on her head because of the injury. The was a scar on her forehead. He took a smaller bandage and placed it on her wound, not for once taking his eyes off of hers. After dressing up the wound, he kissed it, sending thousands on butterflies throughout Sumo's stomach. Shravan saw his effect on her and smirked.

Shravan: (whispering in her ear) What happened Jaan??

Sumo: (pushing him away) Nothing! And why don't you hurry up a little! This suspense is killing me!! (pouting)

Shravan: Your looks are killing me more! (winking)

Sumo: Shravan, are you taking me out or are we just doing time pass? (glaring)

Shravan: My desperate Sumo! Fine, lets head down.

Shravan holds Sumo's hand firmly in his as they walk down the stairs. As they are coming down they see Preeti and Pushkar coming out of their room too. Vandy and Kamini are in the living room.

Vandy: OMG Suman your looking so gorgeous!!!

Sumo: Thanks Vandy Bhabhi! (smiling)

Vandy: And your dress!! It's so pretty!! (eyeing her from top to bottom)

Sumo: (blushing) It's Shravan's choice actually.

Vandy: Shravan!! You need to teach Varun something! He has absolutely no sense in fashion!

Kamini: Vandy Puttar, are you going to keep on talking or letting these two leave too?

Vandy: Sorry guys! (looking at Preeti) OMG Preeti you are looking stunning too!! Ugh why doesn't Varun have this good taste! (pouting)

Shravan: (smirking) Vandy Bhabhi, I wouldn't be saying that! I mean I think Varun Bhaiya has the best taste out of all of us. After all he chose you. (winking)

Vandy: (excited) You have a point Shravan! Your right! Varun has the best choice!!

Kamini: Suman and Preeti beta, take care of yourselves. And Pushkar and Shravan, you guys better bring these two back safely! I do not want to see another hospital again until it is time for Preeti's delivery!

Pushkar: (seeing a blushing Preeti) I agree Mumma!!

Shravan: Ok guys, shall we head out??

Pushkar: Yes Bhaiya, we are ready.

Vandy: Have fun on your double date guys!! (waving)

Sumo: (blushing) Thanks Vandy Bhabhi!

The four of them head out towards the car. However instead of Shravan's typical silver Mercedes Benz, there was a shiny, red, convertible, BMW in the driveway. Preeti and Sumo stared at the car in awe while Pushkar looked at Shravan and winked.

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