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its been a year since Alison disappeared and I wanted nothing more then to forget about it

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its been a year since Alison disappeared and I wanted nothing more then to forget about it. everything changed that night, I used to say how luck I was to have such amazing friends. I thought nothing could tear us apart and with her gone I thought we would stick together now then ever but boy was I wrong.

BEEP!BEEP! I wake up to the sound of my annoying ass alarm clock. rolling my eyes I got up and made my way to my closet. I am wearing skinny jeans, a black long sleeve shirt with a burgundy scarf and white Converse. once I got to school I realized I was alittle late. I opened the door to my English class to find a really attractively teacher.

"hello, I'm mr. Fritz and you are?" he asked with a smile.

"liv, liv marin and you are hot" I said with a smirk as the class laughed.

"please take a seat liv" he asked. my smirk got bigger as I realized how awkward he felt.

"yes sir" I said winking at him before I went to take my seat behind aria. class felt like it took hours to end but once it did I was out of there.

" hey babe" I said walking up to mike and giving him a kiss.

"what was that for?" he asked with a huge smile.

"i missed you! " I said taking his hand in mine as we walked to my locker.

"and I missed you. so I was thinking maybe we could catch up later?" he asked with a smirk on his face.

" I would love to, meet me by my car after school" I told him as the bell rang. I closed my locker and was about to walk away when my phone goes off. its a text from unknown, weird.

"does mike know your little secret because I do, kisses-A"

I immediately regret opening that text. I could feel my eyes starting to water. no one can know at least not yet I thought before running off to the bathroom. I need to go home. I cant be here.

"hey babe something came up I cant hang tonight. talk to you later"- me

"is everything okay? do you need me?"

" not right now but if I do I will let you know. I love you"-me

"i love you too"

after awhile of sitting in my room thinking about that stupid text I decied I should go down stairs to my family so they didn't worry to much.

"hello family" I said making myself known.

"hey sweety" Ashley said to me. yes I called her by her name not mom. see me and hanna share the same dad but Ashley help rasied me so when they got a divorce Ashley got custody over me.

"i ran into ella Montgomery today. why didn't you guys tell me aria was back?" Ashley said while preparing the food.

" its not like were still friends" hanna said which I nodded my head in agremeant.

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