Chapter 15 | More Ghosts and Plans Unknown.

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Percy wasn't scared of anything physically really after Tartarus and emotionally after his last days on Earth. But seeing his supposedly dead friend, looking a few years older than the age she died in, wearing a black armor with a quiver on her back while holding a bow was enough to get him on edge of himself.

"How? I saw you-th-this doesn't make sense!"Percy stuttered.

Bianca was at shock too. She stared at Percy then at Xiana. But the three were startled by an explosion. They all looked at that direction and saw the Frios hovercraft in flames. Next to it was a boy and a girl in the same outfit as Bianca. They looked at Bianca in a way he couldn't figure out.

Bianca's eyes widened and turned to the both of them, "I-I need to go. Percy, we'll talk later okay? I'll bring the others. But for now..."she glanced over to the hovercraft, "Percy take Xiana of the field, please."

Percy nodded, still in a daze. His mind was a mess, all he could hear was Nico's voice and Bianca's last words before she went to the automaton that killed her. He didn't even comprehend when Bianca said she'll bring the others. But suddenly, Xiana collapsed to her knees. That was enough to bring Percy back to his self. He sighed and carried Xiana in his arms.

" Xia."he whispered.

Xiana burst into tears and clung into him. "I-I can't. I need to help them."

Percy saw that she didn't really want that, she was slowly breaking. "They could handle that, you've done enough help."

"Percy, my family. Th-they're all dead."she cried silently and buried her face to his chest. "My father, h-he...I saw him dead too."

Percy stopped walking at once, tears formed in his eyes but he shook his head, "Not all of them, Xia. There's Xana and..."he forced a grin "I'm family too, right?"

Xiana didn't answer him but clung into into him tighter. He could hear her soft sobs as her body shook. He closed in eyes momentarily to drown the voices and images he sees. He took a deep breath and ran.


"Hey, di Angelo! Why are you standing there like an idiot?! Get your ass here and help us!"

Bianca was startled by the voice of their over all Commander. She quickly returned to work which is to drag the bodies to the side in a line for burial. Hours had passed since she stopped Xiana and saw Percy but she still felt lost and confused which led to her droning out.

Her sector commander stepped forward and spoke, "Sir, may I speak with di Angelo for a moment?"

Their head commander glanced between the two of them and scowled, "Go. And tell your soldier to bring her head down from the clouds."

Bianca lowered her head down in shame when her fellow sector members looked at her. Beta Sector's Commander; her commander, took her by the arm away from everyone else.

"What is wrong with you?!"he hissed when they made their way behind the school. "You know we can't make a bad impression to them if we want to be the next Alpha Sector."he said.

"I know...but it-"she sighed. "Something happened okay?"

Luke Castellan's expression changed from anger to concern, "Bianca, I know it's hard for you and Xiana. But please, people die everyday. You need to pull yourself together.

Bianca but her lower lip, of course she felt horrible about Mrs. Wasline but she wasn't thinking about that only. Percy Jackson isn't supposed to be here. "It-It's not that, Luke."

Luke frowned, "Then, what is it?"

She looked around then lowered her head to whisper, "Percy."


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