Chapter [29] Birthday Girl

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Chapter Twenty-Nine:

"Skylynn. Are you ready yet?" I heard my mom call from downstairs.

"Yeah, almost!" I stood in the mirror adjusting the bobby pins in my hair. It was cold out so I just did a simple wool cardigan, jeans, and boots.

My mom and I always go to brunch for my birthday. It's sort of our own little tradition. It's pretty much the same with Morgan and my dad, they go to dinner for hers. I was always more of a mommy's girl growing up, but I love my parents both the same.

When I finished pinning my hair up, I grabbed my purse and made my out of my room and down the staircase where I met my mom waiting at the front door.

"Ready?" She asked.

I nodded. She made one last yell towards the kitchen to notify my dad of our departure.

It was almost noon and we were at a small café in the upper east side. We sat near in the middle of the restaurant where we had a pretty good view of outside. I had never seen a place so crowded in my entire life. People were trotting along the sidewalks either on their phones or yelling for taxi cabs.

I ordered raspberry french toast, macaroons, and an iced tea. My mom ordered the same. She adjusted her seat a little bit then said something very peculiar. "Well Chase is cute boy. Have you ever thought of maybe going out on a date with him?" Both her hands overlapping under her chin.

I almost choked on my tea. "Whaaat?" I cleared my throat.

"What?" She reciprocated.

No no no no no. This is not happening. My mom cannot think that me and Chase could potentially be a 'thing'. He's my friend and that's how I see him. As a friend. I mean yeah he's cute and all and I was sort of experiencing a little trance earlier this week, but it was just my mind playing tricks on me.


"I don't really like him like that mom. I see him more as a friend." I assured her.

She nodded. I was glad she didn't press the matter. But somehow I wish she did instead of asking the next question.

"Well what about Clay?" She asked.

Okay so now my cheeks were flushed. I didn't answer her right away because it was pretty embarrassing. I don't know it's just so awkward talking to my mom about guys. However, she soon figured out why I was blushing so much and her eyes lit up like she was a teenager again. "Come on. You can tell me anything." She smiled.

I exhaled. "Well I mean. He's cute. But it's not a big deal." I shrugged, sticking my fork in my french toast.

"You should be able to go out and have fun with your friends. Make memories and if somewhere down the line that special guy comes along, I'll be right here to support that." She gave a sincere smile.

"Thanks mom." I smiled.

After our brunch we walked down the strip and and went into various stores. I ended up getting a pair of sunglasses, a handbag, and a couple pair of boots. I could sense my mom trying to stall a little bit because she kept putting off us going home. She even made us stop for hot dogs at a small cart.

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