Part 24.

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I woke up putting my clothes on and took my shower and put my clothes on.( in media)

Skip to school: hey Jessica

Jessica: hey

Kayla: hey Asia she said while walking over here

Me: hey

Kayla: who this she said while pointing at Jessica

Me: oh Kayla meet Jessica. And Jessica meet Kayla.

Jessica: nice to meet u she said while holding out her hand

Kayla: nice to meet u too she said while shaming her hand

Me: well I'm going to my locker too get my books TTYL

Them: ok and TTYL

My pov.

I was at my locker getting my books. But in the corner of my eye I saw Jade with another boy.

Me: really Jade

Jade: what

Me: u know what

Jade: plz don't tell teo

Me: oh don't worry cuz I'm telling him

Jade: what why

Me: well u hate me and u jump me and u been sending me weird texts. I said with a straight face.

Jade: I'm sorry plz just don't tell him .

Me: sorry jade I have to

Jade: what I'm sorry I won't bully u no more

Jade kept talking but I ignored her. As she was whining I saw teo come down the hallway so I called his name. But before I could say anything Jade interrupted me.

Jade: hey babe she said while hugging him.

Teo: hey Jade he said while hugging her.

Jade: I see u in class.

Teo: OK

Soon jade left smirking at me

Me: teo I have to tell u something

Teo: what do u have to tell me.

Me: well I saw Jade wit- before I could finish the late bell ringed

Teo: tell me later

Me: OK

In class.

Jade pov.

I hope Asia didn't tell teo. I'm so scared that teo might break up with me.

More coming soon

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