The Forgotten Zodiac: Chapter 6

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"I-I'm lost..." Lyra pressed her back against a tree, sliding down and breathing out a frustrated sigh. Her hands cupped her face, rubbing up and down angrily before settling for a second and parting to give Lyra vision. "Nope, still lost."

Letting out another angry puff of air she lifted herself off the ground, leaning heavily against the tree bark and feeling the wood dig into her flesh. The smell of blood sprung into the air for a moment, alerting Lyra that the damn tree had, in fact, cut into her hand.

"Lost, bleeding, and..." She glanced down at her watch, "Late for work." Her hand returned to her side, balancing on her hip as she looked around. "Hello?" She shouted, finally over her nervousness from meeting Kyo and Shigure. "Hellooooooo...!"

"Hello!" A voice repeated the joyous tone of another female making Lyra a little less frightened at the sudden appearance.  "Who're you?" The girl inquired, poking her head out from behind a tree, her shoulder length brown hair hanging down lazily as her head titled to the side.

"I'm lost," Lyra watched the girl pop out from behind the tree, a bright green dress illuminating her slender figure.

"Hi, Lost, I'm Kagura!" Kagura replied cheerfully, placing her pointer finger on her chin and looking around curiously. "What're you doing out in the middle of nowhere?"

"'Lost' isn't actually my name..." Lyra watched the girl ignore her whining, still looking around with a bright smile plastered across her face. "I was just visiting the Sohma's, and after I left-"

"The Sohma's?" Her gray orbs turned to Lyra, the sudden change of attention making Lyra's face heat up. "Did you see Kyo?"

"Uh, well, y-yes I did," Lyra responded, rubbing the back of her neck nervously as Kagura approached slowly. "And Shigure and Yuki..."

"Did you meet Tohru?" Kagura's stare intensified and Lyra could feel the sweat building up on her forehead.

"N-no, who's that?"

"She's my love rival!" Kagura spouted, clenching her fists in front of her, an angry glint in her eyes only furthering how uncomfortable Lyra was. "She lives with him, my one true love!" Her head turned to the side for a second, one fist still firmly clenched in front of her face with the returned to her side.

"Are you ok-"

"How dare she contest the love between us!" Her head returned to the front, her eyes now burning with what Lyra assumed to be a mix between anger and horrific passion. With a quick jump, Kagura was in front of Lyra, grabbing her hands and holding tight. "I have to make sure he's not falling for her and..."

"What?" Lyra cleared her throat, seeing Kagura glance down at her hands, pulling away from Lyras and seeing them coated with blood. "Oh, yeah, that."

"You're bleeding!" She screeched, holding her hands away from her and waving them wildly in the air. "Ew, ew, ew, ew, ewwww!"

"It's just a little blood..." Lyra whispered, looking down to see a little more than 'a little' blood on her hands. "Well maybe not."

"Hurry! We have to get this cleaned up!" Kagura shouted, tearing off into the distance, her footsteps crashing against the ground so loud Lyra was able to trail her without actually seeing her.

"I wonder..." Lyra walked slowly, observing the poor plants that had been trampled by Kagura. "If she knows Kyo and the rest... maybe she's a Zodiac...?" She tore her eyes from the ground, seeing the house she'd fled earlier forming in the distance. "But what one would she be?"

"Kyoooooo! My love!" Lyra held back a laugh as she came close enough to the house to see Kyo struggling to keep the door shut, Kagura pulling at it with all her might. "Aren't you happy to see me, love?!" That horrifyingly scary glare returned to her eyes, but this time it was targeted at Kyo.

"Go away!" Kyo shouted, a clear shiver going down his spine when he made eye contact with Kagura, looking away quickly and seeing Lyra standing near the tree line. "It's you-"

"Ah! My love!" The door tore open, the hinges practically tearing apart from the force of Kaguras' 'love'. Her arms wrapped around Kyo, his face turning a bright red with a few hints of purple as Kagura's grip tightened.

"L-let g-go!" Kyo stammered, clawing at the arms wrapped around him.

"Kagura must be here!" Shigure shouted from within the house, his bare feet slapping against the wooden floor loudly as he walked towards the front door. "Oh, yes, she is, and the door's already off." He sighed, his eyes shifting over to the white blur near the woods. "Lyra's back, too! Come in, come in!"

"Thanks..." Lyra waited for the hugging mess to enter the house before trying to enter, stepping over the crushed remains of the door, taking note that it was pretty much beyond repair. "Do you have any Band-Aids?" Lyra asked loudly, hearing the scuffling of Kyo and Kagura from one room, while Shigure tapped around the house aimlessly.

"Yes, what size might you need?" Shigure rounded the corner, seeing Lyra hold out her hands and stopping. "I think I'll have to make a call for that one," He smiled, holding up his pointer finger. "One minute!"

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