Living With Death

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I was scared,so dang scared.I was going back to school today,I was going back to school today and i didnt know if i could do this.I didn't know if i could drive to school without stopping at Laya's house to pick her up. It would always be Laya's house to me,always.

       I climbed into my car,it was a terrible car.That never bothered me though,or Laya for that matter.We both loved my car and didn't care what other people thought.I slowly started driving towards school ugh.Another red light.I looked around my windows when isaw a girl sitting at the public bus stop,asleep.


     No,they were to small to be Laya,and by closer examination they looked much younger,but still had an extreme resemblance.Just drive away Ky.Drive away now,I was probally imagining this and i needed to stop now.Oh who was i kidding? I pulled over.The girl on the bench,surprisingly,didn't wake up."hey hun,are you ok?" i whispered softly,sitting down next to the little girl.I was trying so hard not to pretend she was just a younger Laya.I started rubbing her back,slowly,in circles,if i'd learned one thing from Laya it was that you Never,I mean never wake up a girl to quickly.I removed my hand and was about to shake their shoulder when a strong but quiet voice said "I swear if you touch me again i will kick your butt,now go away stalker." I chuckled at this,her voice sounded familar,but i couldn't figure out why i recognized it."what are you doing sleeping at a bus stop?" i asked,believe me someone would hurt this kid if they found her here. "sleeping" she said in a sarcastic tone "I thought that was obvious,clearly not"Again her remarks brought up memories of Laya,sHe was everywhere in my life,no matter what,something would always make me think of her and,I wanted to keep it that way.I didn't want to forget a single memory i shared with her.Not one.the mysterious girl pulled me from my thoughts.I needed to figure out who she was.

                       And then she opened those startiling blue eyes and i realized why her vioce was familar.

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