Chapter 2

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-End of Class-

You get up to leave after hearing the bell that dismissed class. You were so happy that Suga and V were right beside you but you were still in shock. You would just trip over your words and make a fool out of yourself if you tried talking to them. You justified not talking to V or Suga and right as you were about to walk out the door you heard someone call your name. 

You turned around to see who said your name and you and saw V walking to you with his books in his hands. "Hey(Y/N), why don't we hang out while we wait for the next class to start?", V smiled and tilted his head to the side. "I probably shouldn't." I choked out while glancing at all the girls that gathered around and were now giving me death stares. "Aww, why not? I wanna get to know you!", V whined. "Umm, it's just that... you seem really busy and I have.....ugh.. dance practice. Yeah! dance practice. Sorry. Maybe another time!", you lied. You really wanted to hang out with V and Suga but you had a feeling the other girls in the class would torture you if you did. So you just made up an excuse. "Okay, I understand.", V said as he sulked through the doorway with Suga right behind him.

You didn't actually have dance practice until after school but you had to think of something fast. You went to the rooftop of the school and just sat there and listened to BTS songs. The school had some stairs leading to the roof and ever since you found out about it, you went to the roof to calm down and just get some fresh air. You shut your eyes and started humming along to "I need U". You were so into it that you didn't even notice anyone was up there with you until you felt a gentle tap on your shoulder. You jumped and noticed V staring at you. You quickly stopped the music and took out your headphones. 

"I thought you had dance practice", V said while looking at you in confusion. You felt so guilty you didn't know what to do. You picked yourself up and brushed the gravel off your pants from the roof. "I did but it was canceled so I came up here to get some fresh air.", You lied. How else were you supposed to explain what was going on. "You are a terrible liar.", you heard someone say from behind V. You peered around V to see the other six members of BTS. Everyone was staring at you now. 

"You shouldn't lie to people, if you didn't want to hang out you should have just said no". This time you saw that Suga was the one talking. "It wasn't like that! It wasn't that I didn't want to hang out. I really did! It was just that-", you stopped before mentioning that you were just scared that you were going be shamed by the crazy fangirls in our class. "It was just what?", Suga asked while giving you that cold glare. "I just... I was worried the girls would be mad at me.", you spat out quickly. "Why should you care what they think? I am pretty sure there is something else you're not telling me.", Suga narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. "No, I promise. I would love to hang out I just don't want to be attacked by the other girls. They are crazy!", You said without noticing. You didn't like the idea of Suga being mad at me so you just told him the truth.

"Well, what if I promise to protect you from them?", your eyes went to Jimin who was now smiling at you. "Umm.. ugh... I...", you really didn't know how to react to Jimin saying that. "Just ignore him. He is only teasing you.", V said. "OW! NAMJOON WHAT WAS THAT FOR?", you heard jimin yell after Rap monster elbowed Jimin in the arm. V rolled his eyes and continued, "I understand if you are worried but please hang out with me! The hyungs are all being mean and I don't even know where to start with the rest of them.", V pouted. "Okay, okay I will hang out with you.", you said as if you didn't want to. You really did though. You wanted to learn more about BTS and who they were. "Yay!", V screamed.

-To Be Continued-

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