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OK so I'm aware that I haven't updated this in a looooooooong time.

But I wanna ask you guys something.

OK so I was rereading my story and I kinda didn't like it. By now I think i be developed as a writer so I might rewrite it.

The question is when. Do y'all want me to finish up this story the way I planned it and then rewrite it? Or do I discontinue this one and rewrite immediately? Please let me know.

If I rewrite, I'll leave this version up.

Also!! I have a Finlay blog on tumblr so if y'all wanna check it out, it's @finlay-more-like-finbae. I plan on writing some Enoch stuff on here too.

I also have a Riverdale blog (@jvghead-jones-iii) and a Marvel blog (@earth--616) ((double dash '-')).

Please comment and tell me your opinion! :)

(((Also do you guys have any good Marvel or Star Trek or Miss Peregrine story recommendations?? If so, can you please help a girl out? Thankssss.)))

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