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Chapter 1

"Rachel! Jeremy! I got the job were moving!" My mom yelled up the stairs.

Great were moving again and right in the middle of senior year. This is our fourth move since our dad died three years ago. As soon as we get comfortable in a new town she finds a reason to leave, so we pack up and head to our next residence. This time Sonja, my mom got a job in this small town somewhere in Missouri. My brother, Jeremy, and I don't fight the moves anymore; it's just her way of dealing. It really wouldn't be so horrible, if we didn't have 5 months of school left.

Two weeks later and we are on our way to Parkville, Missouri. I'm surprised it's even on the map. Town population 3279, great. Goodbye beautiful beaches and warm sunny weather. I was going to miss LA. The drive was unbearable, stuck in a compact car with Jeremy and our mom. It wouldn't have been as bad except she can't stand silence so she feels the need to fill every silent gap with pointless conversation. I looked to my left, Jeremy my twin brother had fallen asleep listening to his IPOD. For twins we look nothing alike. Jeremy has blond shaggy hair and bright blue eyes. I on the other hand have dark brown hair and the eyes to match. Like I said; complete opposites. I turned my IPOD on and closed my eyes, maybe when I wake up I will be out of this nightmare.


"Okay guys, I think we are almost there." Sonja called back.

I looked at my watch, 2:34 AM. My neck killed, hard to get around it when you're sleeping in a vehicle. I looked out the window. It was obvious that it was a small town based on the one street light. As we drove through town I started to get discouraged, this was like a ghost town. There was no life. At this time in LA there would be people everywhere. The only lighting was from the single street light so it wasn't easy to make out what shops we passed but I'm guessing there wasn't going to be a Maurices or Forever 21. We drove about five minutes out of town and pulled into a gravel driveway. You've got to be kidding me, I thought as I looked at the two story farm house in front of me. There were dark gloomy trees surrounding us, it felt as though they were creeping in to crush me.

Sonja sighed. "I know it's not the greatest guys but we can get it fixed up. I don't start my job till Monday, and that is when I told the school you two would start, so we have a few days to clean this place up."

"Well let's go check out the damage." I said to Jeremy.

Jeremy met me at the door. "You ready?" He asked.

"I guess." I sighed.

He opened the door, it smelled musty and the air felt damp.

I switched on the lights. Well the place had potential, I thought as I looked around. Nice big dinning room with hard wood flooring, decent kitchen and living room. I started up the spiral staircase. This was definitely an old house, the stair boards creaked every time I took a step.

As I walked down the hall I noticed the wallpaper was faded and pealing. It has obviously been awhile since this place was lived in.

For an old farmhouse there was a lot of room. There were three rooms upstairs, after checking them all out I decided on the last one. "I found my room!" I yelled down. I heard Jeremy sprinting up the steps.

"You can't call dibs on a room, I'm the oldest I get first pick" he said as he entered my room. He scanned the room, "light purple walls, okay you can have it."

We heard someone on the stairs, Sonja entered with a bucket of bleach water and a bottle of Fabreeze. "See this place isn't that bad, nice big rooms."

The next few days went by fast. We cleaned the entire house and it actually looks nice. I repainted my room so the walls were a deep purple. I hung pictures of past friends from previous towns around my room. Under my bed hid the picture of my dad. Mom didn't like being reminded of him; it was just too hard for her. The view out my window wasn't much, just a straight shot into the forest. I kept my curtains closed most of the time; even though there was now one around for miles I still got the feeling I was being watched.

As I made my way down the stairs I heard Sonja moving about hurriedly.

"Okay Jeremy and Rachel you guys better head so you're not late for school. I will see you around six tonight." Sonja said as she grabbed her coat and headed out the door.

"Okay I guess we better go." Jeremy said.

"Oh joy." I mumbled sarcastically.

The walk to school was not short. We had to walk through the town's graveyard and over an old rickety bridge that looked like it would crumple under my weight alone. As we reached the bridge I eyed it with uncertainty.

"Come on, its fine." Jeremy whined impatiently.

I just cocked my head to the side and looked at him with an 'are you kidding me' look.

"Look its holding me and I weigh more then you." Jeremy said as he stood in the middle of the bridge. He jumped up and down a few times trying to convince me there was nothing to worry about when there was a sharp cracking noise. I covered my mouth in an attempt to not laugh as Jeremy grabbed the railing for support. Half of the board he was jumping on broke off.

"Don't say anything, let's just go." He grouched.

Jeremy was pretty quiet the rest of the way to school.

After getting our class lists we separated and went to find our lockers. Mine was easy enough to find, an ugly brown locker with dents and chipped paint. I hung my coat and bag in there, just grabbing a notebook and pen. I slammed my locker closed and whipped around quickly running right into someone.

"I'm sorry," said the velvety male voice. "Are you alright?"

A little startled, I looked up into the bright green eyes of the man I almost ran down and my heart rate tripled instantly. "Um, yeah. I'm fine, thanks." I pulled out of his grasp and walked around the corner, but not without looking back first. He was still staring at me with those piercing green eyes.

Great I've been here for less then 30 minutes and I'm already running people over. I didn't even get a good look at him; all I saw were those intense eyes. I know I could pick him out again, especially if I heard his voice, that soft and flawless voice.

I walked into my first class, Physics. This will be fun, I thought sarcastically. I handed my slip to the teacher and he pointed to an empty seat towards the back. "We don't use books in this class, all you have to refer to are the notes you take." He said gruffly. "Find someone in class to copy the notes you've missed." He then turned and started writing on the board. I have a feeling this wouldn't be as easy as my last Physics class.

I went and sat down in one of the few vaccent seats, great now I'm going to have to confront someone in order to get the notes I missed out on.

"You can borrow my notes if you like?" There it was, that velvet voice of the man that I had run into. I turned to my left, and there he was. The first thing I saw was the green eyes and then I noticed more. He had short, dark brown hair. His complexion was really pale, like he spent most of his time indoors avoiding the sun. He wore a light blue long sleeve shirt that clung to his muscular chest and arms.

"Yeah, that would be great. Thanks." I said slowly as I eyed him suspiciously. I was surprised he had heard the teacher from all the way back here. The teacher started talking thankfully; I was at a loss for words.

Finally class ended. My mystery man speaks again. "Here, you can return them tomorrow." He said as he laid his notebook on my desk. "I'm Gaven by the way."

"Mmmm." I nodded in response.

"Most people would give there name in return." Gaven said with a raised eyebrow.

I gathered my stuff, stood up and said with a flirty half smile. "I'm not like most people." I then turned and headed toward the door hearing him mutter "Apparently not."

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