Hina: "Where's your guys' leader?" she asked for Mark. But right before Donghyuk could answer Hina, Mark walked through the door like his usual calm self.
Jaemin: "Someone received some of the best praises today for recording without any mistakes"
Hina: "Again, Jaemin! No one likes a braggart" she rolled her eyes at him.

Jeesu: "MARK-AH" she literally screamed from across the room as she skipped joyfully to him. Happy to see him, she greeted him by linking her arm into his as he set down his bag. "How did today's recording session go? You must've done so well, huh?" she batted her eyes while still clinging onto him.
Mark: "It was a pretty good experience. You guys will see tomorrow when you guys go in" he responded as he tried to unlink his arm out of hers.

Seeing how helpless Mark looked around Jeesu, Hina walked over and linked her arm in his other arm. She smiled at Jeesu and said "Sorry, can I borrow Mark-oppa for a bit? It's kind of important" before pulling him away from the now glaring Jeesu.

Hina: "Oppa, you need to learn when to say NO to that superglue" she said to him as she let go of his arm.
Mark: "How? I mean, look at her? She's always so... clingy and won't even let me interrupt her half the time she's with me" he complained as Hina cracked up at how helpless he was.
Herin: "Mark-oppa, any tips on how not to get Jinyoung-saem angry tomorrow?"
Mark: "Just do what he tells you to do. What song are you guys recording?"
Herin: "SES sunbaenim's song called I'M YOUR GIRL"
Donghyuk: "Daebak! I haven't heard that in the longest!" he clapped his hand loudly. "Wait, doesn't that mean one of us will be going as well? Someone's gotta do the rap verses in the beginning? I wonder who's it gonna be?" he thought.
Jaemin: "Forsure Mark-hyung" he exclaimed.
Hina: "True, Mark-oppa does have an English-speaking advantage" she agreed.
Jaemin: "Oh my god... we're finally agreeing on something together"
Hina: "Oh, shut up" she brushed him away.
: "Yah, what are you guys doing? Go practice!" she scolded them. And with that, they all went to their own corners to practice in pairs.
: "Oh! You guys heard your mom. Better get to it!" he teased as she turned around to look at him. "Sorry, sorry" he backed up and started practicing with his boys.

At the far corner, Winny couldn't help but notice how Mark liked to tease Koeun. She knew it would make Jeesu mad so she scooted over to Jeesu and said,

Winny: "I don't get it. Why does Mark always act friendly towards Koeun even though she acts so mean?"
Jeesu: "Because he's a sweetheart who probably feels bad for her"
Winny: "Why would he feel bad for her though? Look at her! She's pretty decent in everything. She sings well, dances well, her visuals are adequate, and her----" but before she could continue, she noticed Jeesu was already glaring at her.
Jeesu: "Did you just seriously praise that vixen in front of me?!"
Winny: "Sorry, Jeesu-ah. I was just spouting what I--- I mean, what others--- I mean..."
Jeesu: "Oh, just shut up!" she demanded. "That vixen is just all act! She pretends to act all lonesome and cold just to gain sympathy from others. That's probably why my Mark is so nice to her all the time" she continued to glare at Koeun who was still busy with other trainees.
Winny: "I heard that when the higher-ups announced that Yerim-sunbae is going to join Red Velvet, that Koeun was so jealous- she cut off their friendship completely!" she hissed at Jeesu.
Jeesu: "Of course she would be. That vixen Koeun is all talk only. She yells at all of us like we're animals. I'm like a month older than she is. We're the same age but she acts like she's always the boss. One of these days... I'm going to show her who's the real boss"
Winny: "Yes, you do that. I'll help you too!"

<< later that evening . . . >>

Mark: "Alright guys, wrap it up. It's already 10:30pm. You guys have worked hard. Go back to your dorms and rest up."
Koeun: "Alright, last one- hit the lights. Let's go home" she instructed. As she reached into her bag, she remembered how she ran into Mark's mother earlier that day while he was away at recording. She had asked Koeun to help pass on the mugwort because his condition hasn't been too great lately. But as soon as she was about to utter his name, she looked up to see Mark walking out the practice room.
: "Mark-ah, wait for me!" she yelled across the room before running after him.

Manager: "Koeun-ah, I need a word with you" he pulled her aside. "We need an input. Should we ask Mark or Donghyuk to come with us tomorrow for the featuring of I'M YOUR GIRL recording?"
: "How am I supposed to choose? Ask Jinyoung-saem. He can provide an answer for you" she continued to collect her things.
Manager: "Jinyoung-saem asked me to ask you though. C'mon, help me out here a little. Save me from all of the thinking" he begged her.
Koeun: "Well, Mark's English is good but Donghyuk has the energy so- why don't we just feature the both of them?"
Manager: "That's right! Why didn't I think of that? Okay, I won't hold you back any longer. Go home and rest. I'll turn off the lights here after I submit some paperwork to the office upstairs" he reassured her.

Exiting the practice room, Koeun bid farewell to other staff members who were still working on the floor that evening. Waiting for the elevator, she carefully held onto the mugwort hoping to catch Mark before he goes inside the boys' dorm. Looking at which level the elevator is currently stopping on, she realized it'll be a few more minutes before it would reach her so she decided to take the stairs instead.

Walking down the stairs, she noticed the top floor's ceiling light flickering. If it's anything that Koeun is afraid of, it's the dark. She started walking faster down the stairs. As if she was running down for her life, she bolted out the ground level door and accidentally hit someone.

Koeun: "I'm sorry. I'm very sorry!" she bowed again and again as she apologized thinking she had hit a staff member of the company. But soon she heard a familiar chuckle coming from the person she accidentally knocked over with the door. "Mark?!"

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