How to download Lucky patcher and use to mod apps

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As the world is getting busy day by day there was a need to shrink up the computers cause Hey! We just can't carry desktop everywhere. Also many times there is not the proper place to use a laptop. Then there comes the golden period of technology i.e; 2000. This was the year which changed a feature phone to smartphones. Initially, Smartphones were not so smart as we see them today but as time passed, technology got a little better and better and we finally got the today's smartphones which if not more then equal powerful than most computers out there.Then comes the revolutionary OS android which changed the game of smartphone and got popular in no time. But saying goes everything comes with a cost, same apply to android which comes with a cost. Not a huge one but many little costs which together make them a big cost. Yup, I am talking about the cost of apps and games we have to pay on play store. In this story, i am gonna tell you an amazing way to cut down this cost. Actually no cut, I am gonna tell you the trick to eliminate it.

All you have to is download lucky patcher app from its official site which is 

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All you have to is download lucky patcher app from its official site which is

Just go to the website and download the app. After that install and run the app. It will ask you to select the app you want to mod or you can say you want to make free. After that leave everything to the app, it will take a little time and will make that app or games completely free. It will remove each and every in-app purchase from the app.

That's all. Enjoy your free apps and games. :)

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