Sometimes The Previews Can Be More Intresting Then The Movies...

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Megan’s P. O. V.

                “BOYS! Get your lazy arse’s down here! If I miss this fucking movie I will kick your asses all the way to China and I’ll get The Wanted to go on tour with me!” I yell up the stairs as I look at the clock and see we only have a half hour to get to the Movie Theater and sit down. In case you’re wondering it’s been a month since I got the deal with Simon and it’s been crazy! For two weeks it was a whirlwind of paperwork and interviews and concerts. Just insanity! The tour ended two weeks ago though and now we’re going over to America for another tour in two days. But for now we’re just chilling at a hotel in Los Angeles. So far I’ve gotten mixed results. Some Directioners love me, some hate me. There have also been A LOT of rumors! First I was Zayn’s secrets girlfriend. Then I was with him, but I secretly loved Harry. But I was Liam’s sister. And pregnant with Louis’ child. Pretty much everything you could think of I was. It was quite funny and we always had a laugh with what they said. I was really quite pathetic. But right now we are heading to the Hunger Games midnight premiere! I am so frickin’ excited! Although since the guys are taking so long to get ready I don’t know if we are going to get there! I mean I’m all decked out in Capitol hair and makeup and I took less time to get ready then them! I’m a huge gamer though. So is Harry and he’s excited, but he’s still taking forever to get ready as well!

                “Okay okay! We’re coming don’t get your knickers in a twist!” Niall yells as they walk down the lush stairs of the penthouse. This hotel is HUGE! It’s so lush and amazing. This whole thing has been a dream come true! They look at me and their eyes widen. Except for Harry who just laughed.

                “What are you wearing?!” Louis screams not that that’s a surprise in the past month I’ve learned that Louis screams over EVERYTHING!

                “Capitol clothes!” Me and Harry say cheerily. “It’s what people in the capitol wear! And this is all different Hunger Games merchandise. You’ll see it in the movie. Now let’s go!”

                We got to the movies and got out with our hoods up and luckily didn’t get sighted. We all sat down and we looked around and saw like 10 other people dressed like me. Niall was asleep before the movie even started but I didn’t care. Me and Harry were intensely talking about what we hoped they included and scenes we hoped and prayed they didn’t get wrong.

                “No, Gale is obviously a better choice for Katniss!” Harry debates.

                “Ummm, no he’s not! Peeta was willing to risk his life for Katniss! Twice! And where was Gale for all of this? Moping in District 12 because he couldn’t have Katniss. But when he had the chance to have her he didn’t do anything! And in the third book Peeta told them to kill him so he didn’t get her caught by the Capitol! But Katniss didn’t let them because she loved him! And what was Gale doing then? Designing the bomb that was going to end her sister's life!” I exclaim.

                “Wait what?! I haven’t read the third book yet! Prim dies?! What? Meg! Why did you tell me this? You suck!” Harry yells.

                “Oh, I’m sorry Harry. I forgot. I’ll make it up to you I promise! Just enjoy the movie. I’ll give you the book tomorrow and you can read it and it won’t ruin anything. Please Harry forgive me!” I beg, but he won’t talk to me! He just sits there with his arms crossed and a serious look on his face. “Come on Harry please forgive me. Who am I going to debate about what they got right and wrong? Or obsess over the opening ceremonies? Or Caeser and Haymitch? Harry I need you for this! The boys don’t get these books! Harry I’ll do anything! What if I get scared who will I turn to? Harry you kept me sane during the tour! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” I am literally hugging him and trying to get him to look at me, but he won’t budge!

                “NO! You ruined the last book for me!” He finally looks at me as he says this.

                 “Don’t worry it’s not a big part of the book! Harry just forgive me I’ll do anything.”  He’s still looking at me so I put on a puppy dog face.

                He looks like he’s considering it and he replies, “Ok I’ll forgive you, and I will hold that against you I just need to think of something.”

                “Thank you, Harry. I don’t know what I would do here without you. You’re one of the people I always turn too,” I am so happy he forgave me. In the past couple of weeks I;ve learned that Harry can hold a grudge for a WHILE!

                “No problem. I couldn’t stay mad at you for long. You’re the one I always turn to as well. I’ve grown really close to you on the past month.” He moves in closer and the lights fade around us but I barely notice.

                “Same here Harry. I’m so happy I got called up on that that night,” I say and move a little closer until our lips are nearly touching.

                “So am I,” he moves a little closer and his breath tickle my lips.

                “Hey guy the movies starting! Oh never mind go back to whatever you’re doing!” Louis says as Harry and I spring apart and turn bright red. The movie starts and throughout the movie instead of wondering why Katniss didn’t kill kiss Peeta, I’m wondering why I didn’t kiss Harry and wondering why I wanted to.

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